News Shot: Detroit Airport Uses New System To Control Travelers

Published on Oct 27, 2016 by The Daily Sheeple

Joe Joseph quickly discusses a new system being put in place at Detroit International Airport and sixteen other airports nationwide. This is classic “problem, reaction, solution” where they make it so incredibly miserable to travel, that people will gladly give their rights away for convenience.…

5 thoughts on “News Shot: Detroit Airport Uses New System To Control Travelers

  1. Wow. An all-in-one biometrics collection program. Who the hell would be enough of a sheep to sign up for that?

    I mean, really? A high-res face scan, an iris scan, AND all ten fingerprints?

    It didn’t escape my notice that the spokesman for the company is named (((David Cohen))).

    If they ever make that sort of thing mandatory to get on a plane, then I’ll stop flying, even if I lose my job because of it.

    1. Its coming
      and the sheep will gladly follow .. as its all for “safety”(gag)

      hell, soon all those cameras on the freeway will be FR, and the bio’s will be taken from your phone as you pass by the RF antennas as you travel , already set up all over where I’m from ..might not be active as of yet ( as far as we know) or they could already be in take up mode as we speak

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