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Uploaded on Nov 26, 2011 by NinjaLearningNetwork

Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) BLACKBELT VIDEO COURSE: “Basics of Ninja Training” from (Instant Download, DVD or Blu-ray.) This lesson SUPPLEMENTS the black belt course.
This video shows a few basic ideas about defending yourself if attacked while seated. The timing of your first response and using the chair itself as a weapon are a few tips mentioned here. Watch this clip several times paying close attention to the variety of things Paul is doing with his feet, balance, timing, using Kyusho pain points, arm bars, Hajutsu Kuho escapes, etc. You should train every month to handle self-defense from a seated position in a car, at a desk, in a restaurant, at a bar, etc. Also practice in different spaces such as a cubicle vs a large room or inside a car. Your awareness of the environment and all people in it would be high enough that you would only need to defend against an attack as a last resort. Hopefully, you would recognize a threat in the room before an attacker would actually reach you and catch you by surprise while seated. If you sense a potential attack you would ideally get out of the chair (or lock your car door and drive away) before an attack is initiated against you.

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