Hundreds of gun parts seized from Cary home

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The TV version is biased, if you don’t want to waste your time.

According to a search warrant made public Tuesday, investigators suspect a Cary woman of dealing in hundreds of counterfeit gun parts.

The warrant says the investigation began March 11 with a routine search of packages coming in from China at a DHL hub warehouse in Morrisville.

An investigator with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office was assisting Homeland Security with the search when an inspection of three packages addressed to a home in Cary were found with sights inside for AR-15 rifles.

The sights were marked with the A.R.M.S. brand name, but when investigators checked with A.R.M.S., they were told the parts are fakes.

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7 thoughts on “Hundreds of gun parts seized from Cary home

  1. I have packages like that with fake parts come in all the time from china, I sell mil sim paintball guns..tippmann a5 x7 etc, and we buy cheap junk fake ar15 sights and handles and m203’s that launch paintballs from china all the time, to attach and mod out paintball guns for scenario games

    I had at one point 40 fake red dots and carry handles… who cares?

    PLUS im a felon… its not a crime,

      1. robertsgt40,
        You beat me to my post 🙂 I have to remember to answer the dang question before hitting post lol!
        Was going to say what you did toward the end of my rant, now I see I don’t have to go back and edit. Hehe! TY!

      2. (your comment) Explains why your an ignorant fool.
        if you didnt catch the subject of this story, its the unwarranted searching of packages without our knowledge or approval that is the true crime here. as i stated, your comment leaves no doubt as to the peripatetic fool that you are.

        1. milidude, I read the story and watched the video, thank you.
          Sideshow asked a question. I answered.
          Go back to bed and get up on the other side ok dude?

          1. Oh and milidude, there is more to this story than just unwarranted search. Maybe that’s all you got out of it?

  2. Sideshow, “… who cares?”
    As long as you are identifying your product(s) as the cheap, junk, fake product(s) they are.
    Possible safety hazards be known.
    Other than supporting China and their money flow (mho), I have no problem.

    If on the other hand you are selling your product(s) as the real thing, then I do care.

    My boys wouldn’t have knowingly bought from you, or product(s) of your type, they took their hard earned allowences and paintball sport too seriously.

    To each his own.

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