NJ Mall Shooter’s Brother

This is a photo of the NJ mall shooters brother. He is speaking to news people at the mall. Notice the Masonic Lapel pin.

Sent to us by a reader.

5 thoughts on “NJ Mall Shooter’s Brother

  1. Thanks for getting this up today Henry,

    “Shoop’s friends said they were shocked over the news.

    “It doesn’t make sense, said co-worker Greg Garner. 20 “He wasn’t that type. He must have had personal issues and he didn’t tell anyone. I would see him on a daily basis. I saw him A week ago at a party it was a Halloween party. He was fine. He’s a hard worker and a good kid who made me laugh every time I was in the shop.” ”

    After thinking about this today my thoughts are as follows.
    The alleged shooter was being manipulated by this group(mind control?) to act out another mass shooting but came to his senses defeating the demons in his mind deciding to kill himself before he did harm to others.
    Maybe I am wrong and its all faked false flag repeat but we all know what this group represents and who’s rituals they practice. Why would they so blatantly post the square and compass in everyone’s face? Oh because this is what they do to let everyone know they are involved. Bet his brother just moved up a few degrees.

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