4 thoughts on “NorCAL Fires Aftermath ~ Proof Agenda 21 Plans Are Being Implemented

  1. They making high density A 21 plan to house their new bean eaters and America haters.
    The other day I was grocery shopping. Ready to grab a family size pack of hamburger. There was a fat a$$ bean eater mulling through the 5 packages of hamb.. I was polite and waited for her. She put all 5 in her cart!
    Next time not going to be polite.
    These locusts are eating us out of house and home.
    We do the jobs white people won’t do?
    You take more than you put in!

    On another note;
    I live in this $hi+ state.
    You want to talk about sanctuary cities? The beeners get sanctuary with our tax money. But no money to create wildland urban interface zones around populated centers in the woods. But there’s a new law that requires homeowners to achieve defensible space by thinning around their house. They implementing this with NGOs and local Community organizers. Now I’m liable if fire comes thru my property and burns an adjascent house. That’s communitarianism!!! Communism! The individual has to conform to the comm-unity whether they like it or not.
    So they put the oweness on the homeowner, rather than use funds to thin forests, especially around areas in the forest.
    This summer, a local employee at Sierra Pacific tried to burn down Quincy- he almost succeeded. If woods were thinned around the town, this wouldn’t have been so close.
    Those who live in forested areas in the west? Get ready to have your area destroyed by fire- they don’t want you there!

    1. “This summer, a local employee at Sierra Pacific tried to burn down Quincy.”

      Beautiful area… went to a cribbage tournament there back in the 90s.

    2. Sounds like you live in an HOA or POA (homeowners or property owners association). I myself live in a POA but one with a very lenient set of covenants and bylaws and where most property owners are wary of orgs like the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club. The problem with that is if you sign a Covenant you are legally bound to it unless you and many other HOA/POA members change the Covenants or revise the Covenants. PLus we have a local fire department that does mitigation projects every year since we live in a very dry area (far west Texas) that is very prone to fire–and that includes the surrounding mountain areas. Plus there’s the usual “burn ban” county-wide and the penalties for violating it are very very stiff if one starts a fire. Such as the idiot who was outdoors with a welder in 50 mph winds and caused a massive wildfire that took almost a week to put out–the idiot lost his shirt and everything else he owned violating that one!

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