5 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s $530 dirty, taped-up sneakers sell out despite consumer outcry

  1. Way too expensive but way to ugly for me. I wouldn’t buy a shoe that looked like this for any amount of money. Taping a shoe to hold it together is a last ditch effort before better ones can be gotten.

    Yuck, hopefully this does NOT become a fashion trend. Reminds me of the distressed and holy jeans people buy.

  2. If you want a glimpse inide WHY something like this sells, I suggest a 5 minute read:

    On the Infestation of Small-Souled Bugmen


    “He is what a sterile corporate wasteland spews out. Millions of him, almost exact replicas who are relentlessly told they are unique by clever marketers, and who believe it. He is a personality defined by brands, a blue-checkmarked Twitter user.

    Bugmen are what we get when a culture is infantilized, watered down and stripped of the very intellectual, philosophical and honourable fibre that once made it great. Totally dependent on the compromised support of his nanny state and high-tech devices, the bugman has been reduced to the status of a domestic animal. A 200-pound child.”

  3. To me it’s a mockery of the poor.

    So, they sold out fast, eh? Shows that some people have strange priorities. To spend that much on sneakers when people are homeless and hungry. Sick society.

    I’ve never been inside a Nordstrom’s.


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