4 thoughts on ““Not A Single Elite Banker Whose Frauds Drove The Financial Crisis In The U.S. Has Been Prosecuted”

  1. JPM, that arrogant too-big-to-fail bank and its corrupt CEO Dimon, backing all those corrupt politicians in Washington D.C., only came to the settlement table in earnest, when faced with the prospect of a CIVIL lawsuit [where the government could conduct discovery, asking questions under oath, thereby exposing individuals to actual accountability, blame, and perhaps perjury charges], and JPM only increased its settlement offer when faced with the prospect of criminal charges.CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANYONE? CHECK OUT://ggopetition.com/petitions/bart-chilton-resign-go-public-on-silver-manipulation.html

  2. The banks are just one of the four hidden dynasty’s which are controlled by Israeli Zionists. The banks are known as The Financial Dynasty, and the other three are #2) Religion (this is the worst one) #3) Political (wonder why we cater to Israel?)…#3) The Education Dynasty (Common Core makes your child a Common Whore).
    There are smaller dynasty’s, like Hollywood, Health Insurance (any kind of insurance) and so on, but if you can gain control of the four major hidden dynasty’s, then you CAN control the people AND the world. And knowing ALL judges, cops, lawyers, Presidents and elected officials are Freemasons, you can begin to understand why the public is treated one way, while the people involved with the hidden dynasty’s walk free. But don’t worry…they will be dealt with, in a place and at a time when the truth will be their biggest enemy, the truth that they have been able to conceal at this time.

    1. Common Core is heavily into holocau$t brainwashing of our kids.

      The Jews behind the biggest con in the world want to ensure another generation that bows before the holocau$t altar and donates massive amounts of money and Pentagon cannon fodder to their sick cause.

  3. American nationals are going to have to deliver the punishment themselves. My suggestion is find a 30 foot oak, plant the son of a bitch in the middle of times square. Start with Jamie Dimons’ neck and work your way from there. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a ten foot hemp rope.

    How this scumbag walks around safe is beyond me.

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