NSA to open a $60.75 million “data analysis” (spy) center at North Carolina State University


N.C. State University has announced a partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA) to help address big data problems.

It will be the largest sponsored research contract in the university’s history, according to NCSU, and will bring 100 or more jobs to the Triangle.  

The NSA has received a lot of national press lately after Edward Snowden leaked documents that the NSA was collecting data, though not recordings, of cellphone calls as well as some Facebook and email postings.

The NCSU announcement did not directly address Snowden or the leaked documents, but university spokesman Mick Kulikowski offered the following assurance: “The faculty, staff and students in this lab will not work on any operational intelligence problems or use the data related to those problems,” he wrote in an email.

The partnership will establish the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) on N.C. State’s Centennial Campus with a main goal to promote new advances in the science of analysis through innovative collaborations between industry, academia and government.

NCSU has been on the front lines of big data analytics for years. Jim Goodnight famously started analytics giant SAS out of the university. Also, N.C. State offers an intensive 10-month Master of Science in Analytics degree that boasts before-graduation job-placement rates of more than 90 percent.

NSA’s press release: NSA creates partnership with North Carolina State University

SDS protests NSA research lab, holds encryption clinic:

A group of N.C. State students protested the University’s August announcement that the National Security Agency is open a research lab on Centennial Campus.

NCSU Students for Democratic Society led a Cryptoparty Monday to teach attendees about protecting themselves from governmental surveillance and show their frustration with recent revelations about the NSA’s data collection methods.  The event culminated in an artistic demonstration at the Bell Tower.


3 thoughts on “NSA to open a $60.75 million “data analysis” (spy) center at North Carolina State University

  1. Anyone remember the Armstrong brothers back in the day when they blew up that building at the UW Madison,Wi. . See where I`m going with this. Maybe the NSA should think about it a little when they build buildings like his, for purposes like this. Especially when they do it on university grounds. Can anyone say KA BOOM, hint hint.

  2. What the hell is wrong with these schools and the people going to them? Why are they allowing such an entity like the NSA to even enter their campus? It’s madness. It has no place in the university and so out in the open. Why aren’t ALL of the students protesting or something or even the people living in the city, for cryin’ out loud? IT’S TREASON and the university is COMPLICIT IN THE TREASON. The entire university should be closed down and the administration should be arrested and hung for high treason! Man, this pisses me off! When are people going to put their damn foot down and say NO!?

  3. NC: It is all about MONEY nothing more and nothing less. I live in NC and know this school well. They no douth went to NSA and asked for the center

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