NY State Can Now Send You and Your Children Into Forced Quarantine – Even If You’re Not “Sick”

100% Fed Up – by Jesse Martin

The State of New York can send you and your children into forced quarantine whether you’re sick or not

New York State has claimed the authority to force individuals into quarantine, even if they’re not sick.

An April 2022 update to The New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations, Section 2.13 Isolation and Quarantine Procedures of regulation 10 NYCRR 2.3, has given the NY Commissioner of Health “or appointed alternatives” the authority to push people into isolation and quarantine under “suspicion” of carrying a “highly communicable disease,” which includes the flu and common cold.

Any physician who encounters a “case or suspected case of a highly contagious reportable communicable disease” is required to “cause the patient to be appropriately isolated and contact the State Department of Health and the local health authority where the patient is isolated and, if different, the local health authority where the patient resides.”

Law enforcement, under this, will be used to force compliance with forced-quarantine orders.

They do not need to confirm that an individual is sick to ship them off to quarantine camps (read: detention centers.) This is fully their discretion now. As young as a newborn, or as old as 100, there are no limitations to whom can be subjected to this unjust treatment.

Ironically, the “right to privacy” between physician and patient which Roe v. Wade rested on and which liberals love to reference, is completely trampled by these New York State updates.

It’s not about your rights, it’s not about safety. It is about power and authority. Something which Democrats desperately try to expand at every turn as we progress towards totalitarianism.

As of July 8th, The New York Supreme Court has ruled in the favor of freedom. However, it is anticipated that Governor Hochul will appeal this decision, or perhaps outright ignore the Court.

100% Fed Up

8 thoughts on “NY State Can Now Send You and Your Children Into Forced Quarantine – Even If You’re Not “Sick”

  1. In this instance the plague is the excuse.
    People are mandated to behave in a particular way.
    Entire cities across the globe were quarantined
    and shut down. Very bad!
    I believe it’s all about control.

  2. Hahaha they can sure come and give it a try , feelin friskey? See people this is how bold these coc suckers are , disarm a State as much as possible , than it comes out to total naked tyranny

    Who is going to enforce this ? The physical side of making people do what is against their will and right ?..are they ready to take that chance ( ahem Uvalde)

    Well ,.. let’s see how many sheep fall for this shit

  3. The tyranny just ratcheted up a couple of notches. It stops when the tyrants are DEAD! This simple truth needs to be known more widely.

    1. One thing that is becoming clear in my mind as the Bill of Rights comes alive for me is, as it percolates through the minds of all the right people in growing numbers, in all the right places all at the same time, which is more and more possible with each passing day, soon, the essence of the law will boil over onto the tyrant and hot justice will be done. Individuals everywhere have figured out who they are under the Law, confirmed by the Word From the Trenches!

      1. The most important right we were all born with is the right to be left the f*ck alone! We are all our own “authority” & we answer to no other person (unless we f*ck with someone else!). If more people understood that innately we wouldn’t even be having this discussion! 😉

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