NYC Ebola Patient’s Neighbor Says That’s Not Him

Published on Oct 26, 2014 by Dahboo777
Once again, You can be the judge. But from i seen in my life, this women looks to be speaking the truth and gets thrown a Huge Curve ball when shown a photo by the media. That decision proves to be Key! The 16 year old neighbor’s reaction is priceless.
So, Either this girl is Lying, Or THEY are Lying. Who Has More To Gain?


7 thoughts on “NYC Ebola Patient’s Neighbor Says That’s Not Him

        1. They need to handle this “Chinese Fire Drill” like they did for the Eric Frein manhunt.

          They need a person like Joe Friday (Jack Webb) to form a Dragnet all over NYC to find Dr. Craig Spencer, and flash his picture all over the MSM… but they won’t

          Was this video clip even viewed on the MSM?
          It looks like the wheels are starting to come off the Ebola wagon.

  1. If you go to jimstonefreelance dot com, he has the story of Eric Duncan patient #1 – high up with Bank of America and then Peace Corps…not the welder we were told and jim has pictures. Add to that the interview with United Airlines employee exposing that Duncan’s ticket was purchased FOR HIM and on SHORT NOTICE by a company that is some sort of subsidiary of UPS.
    All of this Obola story is just as fishy, stinky and obviously fraudulent as own Obola Commander in Chief……….
    A bad joke that proves they aren’t even trying to hide the fact they running a one big scam after another on Americans 24/7

  2. Why isn’t this everywhere?
    I know why, but it pains me that the sheeple are too “hypnotized” to notice and, more importantly, too “castrated” to take action about this F**king BulkS**t Propaganda.

    1. How much more proof do the sheeple’s need? If you’re not awake, no amount of “proof” will suffice in the face of unrelenting fear mongering by our all-caring government and the media talking heads. Don’t relax that puckered orifice or you may have more bulls#*t to pass through.

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