NYC Mayor Bloomberg: ‘You’ll Never Know Where Our Cameras Are’

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

New York City police officials intend to expand the already extensive use of surveillance cameras throughout town. The plan, unveiled Thursday, comes as part of a drive for increased security around the US following the Boston Marathon attack.

New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly announced the plan during a press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in which the two announced that the suspected Boston Marathon bombers were planning to attack New York next. The pair said they hope to discourage criminals by using so-called “smart cameras” that will aggregate data from 911 alerts, arrest records, mapped crime patterns, surveillance cameras and radiation detectors, among other tools, according to The Verge.  

“You’re never going to know where all of our cameras are,” Bloomberg told reporters gathered outside City Hall. “And that’s one of the ways you deter people; they just don’t know whether the person sitting next to you is somebody sitting there or a detective watching.”

A real piece of work this guy.  When the 4th reich comes about, he will be one of the top guys I suspect.   Very rich and very powerful.  -Mort

9 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Bloomberg: ‘You’ll Never Know Where Our Cameras Are’

  1. Mr. Bloomberg, Sir… as proven with the Boston Marathon False Flag…YOU, Sir, nor your men, know exactly where OUR cameras will be, OR how many there are.
    The main difference bewteen YOUR “hidden” cameras and OUR cameras is that your cameras have NOT caught one terrorist. On the other hand, OUR cameras caught exactly WHO did the bombings at the Marathon, and they are ALL terrorists, so why aren’t THEY in jail???

  2. In turning his back against constitutional principles of government and attempting to impose his rule across this nation Michael Bloomberg has made of himself a less than friendly foreign agent, and he should be treated as such.

  3. what does it matter they never work when they are needed anyway. Or if they do they are ignored for that is not what they want to see is it? Look at all the crimes and innocent people we could have known with all the cameras up to now. Nothing waste of money.

  4. That’s the most accurate depiction of Bloominidiot I’ve ever come across, and even at that, I think it’s something of an insult to the Nazis

    Actually, I think a communist uniform would be much closer to the mark, with an Israhelli flag behind him.

    As for you, Bloominidiot, go ahead and put your trust in your technology, all we’ll need is a rope and a tree for your treasonous carcass.

  5. Mayor Bloomberg….you are surrounded and your security penetrated. We outnumber you and we have many eyes, ears, and cameras recording your every move. You can choose to honor your role as our agent or you will no longer be afforded the easy life you have taken. More of us are awake than you might imagine and you have helped us wake up We the People. We thank for that fundamental service to humanity.

  6. “I shall turn New York State into another West Bank dammit; checkpoints, brutal security regime, no tolerance to any thoughts of freedom , ya get it??!! huh?!!
    My and my friends got lots of experience in this- go ask the palestinians; you dumb cockroaches” – Bloomberg

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