Eyewitness: ‘Tamerlan was run over by Boston police and then shot multiple times’

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We’re continuing to revisit the Boston Bombing crime scene – from the beginning. Here’s something we’ve uncovered recently which should be of interest…

The official explanation told to the public by law enforcement and FBI is that the older brother in question was shot in a fire fight with police and then run over by a stolen Mercedes SUV driven by his younger brother Dzhokhar.   

We’ve also already shown that our original analysis was correct – that a police firing squad tried to murder the unarmed younger brother Dzhokhar when he  was discovered hiding under a tarp in a boat – and police still haven’t explained very well how his throat was somehow lacerated so badly that he has ended up in serious condition and unable to speak. This was one of numerous exhibits we believe to have uncovered and highlighted – of police denial and misinformation that should further call into question their credibility regarding official accounts of what happened and when it happened.

On top of this, we’ve also uncovered the video evidence where Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to be alive, naked and escorted by police handcuffed and taken into a squad car. Whatever authorities claim happened after that is still at odds with the available evidence.

New evidence…

Now an additional piece of eyewitness evidence has surfaced from a radio broadcast which aired on Friday April 19, 2013 on WEEI 93.7 FM in Boston, where a caller named “Linda” explains how the shootout transpired on Dexter Street in Watertown during the early morning hours. She is describing how she saw the first suspect, Tamerlan, was run over by a police SUV and then mortally wounded by multiple police gun shots, after which time the police began their incredible manhunt for the second suspect Dzhokhar. She ends the interview by stating how the police had ordered her to stay inside for the rest of the night.

More and more, it appears that perhaps suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was terminated with extreme prejudice. So we are posing this question: does someone not want either of these two brothers to tell their story in public? Listen, and you decide…

Listen to the original audio clip at WEEI

Don’t expect your corporate media to do their jobs. Keep asking questions about Boston, because NO ONE ELSE will…



7 thoughts on “Eyewitness: ‘Tamerlan was run over by Boston police and then shot multiple times’

  1. Again, Fox news hiding under George Soros’s dress. Where the hell are these asswipes? Oh yeah, I forgot, they don’t give a damn….

  2. The FBIs own admition shows the Joker (white hat) is carrying a white back pack.
    Both bombs were housed in black back packs.
    Joker is innocent.
    Case dismissed

  3. Wait a minute, i believe Tamerlane was positively identified as being ushered into a police car, completely nude. How could this story be correct if that’s true? Did the police let him escape and then kill him? This whole thing is becoming more bizarre by the day.

  4. The aunt of the Czechnyan brothers ID’d the naked man handcuffed as her nephew. The surveillance and personal video footage, and still photographs that I have seen along with many other curious souls, prove the backpack that one of the brothers leaned against a mailbox before leaving was still leaning there, intact, long after the blasts and no bomb squad or other officials seem the least bit concerned. Would the FBI set these guys up and strip one naked before shooting him numerous times and running him over with a car? The bastards helped carry out 9-11 and refuse to arrest any of the domestic participants, and have been caught setting up every terrorist event to make the newspapers in the U.S. over the past ten years. Use your imagination and sense of logic. Yes. They would Yes, they did.

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