4 thoughts on “Oath Made to Uphold the Law, No Matter Who’s Breaking It says Mike Flanders, Border Patrol

  1. OK, now if this mike flanders is so much about upholding the law and is saying tat he knows that the border patrol and the police ar violating the law, then how many border patrol and cops has he arrested seeing as to how he says that he in about ” up holding the law ” .
    I think that is a fair and legitmate question seeing as to how he says he is about up holding the law and is aware of those LEO`s violating the law.
    If he has not arrested any of his fellow cop buddies then he is no better than his law breaking border patrol cop buddy friends and he supports what they are doing by allowing them to continue to be breaking the law. Simple as that.

    1. How many of the “accidental” deaths by friendly fire/partner not there to assist/etc of police officers do you think has come about because they have crossed that “blue line”?

      They are now more like mafia then “law enforcement”. Until we have militia that will back up constitutional LEO’s, they will continue to be injured or murdered by other LEO’s for breaking the unwritten law of NEVER informing on another cop.

  2. This is just verification about law enforcement that everyone else that can still think already knows. This type of thing goes on all over this nation now,noy just at the borders!

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