Obama gives Arriving Refugees $1,000 Cash, Gift Cards, S.S. Benefits, Housing & Jobs.

Published on Nov 8, 2015 by MLordandGod

Obama gives Arriving Refugees $1,000 Cash per Person, Gift Cards, S.S. Benefits, Housing & Jobs.
1) Unreal! – Tapped Phone Call Reveals What Obama is Giving Syrian Refugees Upon Their Arrival, Before It’s News, Nov 8, 2015.
2) Thumbnail image Obama with crowds Jan 2015 Wikimedia commons images
3) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”

6 thoughts on “Obama gives Arriving Refugees $1,000 Cash, Gift Cards, S.S. Benefits, Housing & Jobs.

  1. How can they possibly give the Social Security folks a cost of living raise when they are soo busy giving money to other countries and and refugee’s? Then there is the military aid and other such things and the out right theft by the syndicated crime that runs this country now. So where are all of those good cops to arrest the real criminal,why they work for them of course,the good cops are right next to the unicorns!

  2. They can not even do anything for our homeless many are vets but we can do all this for the invading population that is not anywhere close to refugees?

    It is designed to destroy what is left here and will result in war on our own land. The video you saw there were no guns not so here. People will not allow this kind of takeover watch and see.

  3. And what do homeless Americans get you son of a whore, married to a transvestite man, fag, ineligible president???

  4. Years ago I watched a documentary about right wing Russian Nationalists brutally attacking and sometimes killing non-White immigrants. My initial reaction was that of contempt, as ganging up on individuals who are not posing a threat seemed unfair and lacking honor. Now I’m not so sure.
    You don’t see swarms of refugees from the Third World invading Russia. Putin does not invite them, and authorities turn their heads when Nationalists terrorize them.
    In Norway and Sweden, when local women are raped to death by foreign refugees, all the Swedish public can do is “feel her pain”. In Russia, foreign men would be slaughtered in response.
    All wars have been won through “organized violence”. It is time to organize.

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