Obama, Hillary Top Most Admired Poll

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It may have been a difficult political year for President Barack Obama, but he continues to reign as the nation’s Most Admired Man, according to the Gallup Poll. Sitting U.S. presidents have been won the most admired poll for 33 straight years now.

The Most Admired Woman, Gallup reports, is former Secretary of State and (perhaps) future presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s the 18th time the former first lady has won the honor. Clinton, who took 15% in the current poll, finished ahead of television personality Oprah Winfrey (6%), current first lady Michelle Obama (5%), and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (5%). Obama, at 16%, won the man’s poll ahead of both predecessor George W. Bush and Pope Francis, each of whom had 4%.  

Gallup states, “It would not be surprising for Obama to continue to rank as the Most Admired Man for the duration of his presidency, as the sitting president has won the distinction 57 times in the 67 years the question has been asked, including the last 33 in a row. Given his relative youth at age 52, the esteem in which Americans hold former presidents, and his historical significance as the first African-American president, should he live a long life he likely will also rank among the men with the most top 10 appearances for all time.”


13 thoughts on “Obama, Hillary Top Most Admired Poll

  1. Never can trust those poles/surveys. Come on now, it say that hillery clinton is the most admired with 18 times, and then there is obama, unbelievable. When the most admired people being them two it is no wonder amerika is in the crapper lately. 👿 🙁

    1. I had to recheck the source of this BS article to be sure it wasn’t another Onion satire. These ludicrous polls must be caused by unfiltered SSRI’s in the drinking water.

      1. I watch as the mainstream news channels come on and tell the people that she is going to be the next and I watch them tell them so many times that it never leaves their minds that they start to believe it is going to happen and when they put her in place they will think that everyone else voted her in its all smoke and mirrors bullshit. Don’t believe the hype!

    1. @ 6:44 Paul. I forgot the reply button. Yes Paul, I have a real hard time to believe that Hillery was voted 18 times and then that fraud being voted as well for the most admired. Typical poll I guess eh.

  2. Here we see some of the typical use of statistics, or polls, to deceive people.

    Obama and Hillary probably are the “most admired” if you ask a thousand people, because their names are most well-known.

    What’s deceptive about this is that you’ll get the same two names if you ask the same thousand people who is the “most hated.”

    1. You have to ignore ALL statistics unless you have detailed information about how the data was gathered, and what questions were asked.

      1. Let’s see…..hillary voted 18 times for herself. Obummer voted 16 times for himself. Opera voted 6 times…what a great choice of candidates, I bet Howdy Doody would have won, if he had been on the ballot.

  3. I took a poll in my household and I realized there isn’t one person in the entire FedGovCorp that is worthy of anyone’s admiration. I asked my cat and he said they are all psychopathic scum and the world would be better off without them. (My cat is pretty smart.) My cat does however admire mice, fish and the occasional rabbit but only because he says they are tasty.

    1. Yea tammyc, I gave my beagle and cat the same poll and my dog said screw them and that they are loosers and my cat just hacked up a hairball and said hows that for your answere. Cat said my hair balls are worth more than either one of those two clowns. 😆

  4. BAHAHAAHAHA!!! OMG! Where do they get these guys doing these polls? How much are they paying them? How can trash like this even get printed? The insanity of it all. Obama the most admired? BAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

    Do they even know their own country? Have they even stepped foot outside their cubicle or even stepped foot into another cubicle next to them? All I hear day in and day out is how much everyone wants that bastard out of office or in the slammer or hung for treason, whether it be from people in the stores, neighborhood or online.

    Obama the most admired man? That’s absolutely absurd! If he is the most admired man, then I must be a god.

    And don’t get me started on Hitlery.

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