Obama Is Now FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US on Taxpayer Dime

Published on Apr 4, 2015 by jim hoft

A new Obama program is FLYING illegal alien children to the US so they don’t have to make the trek on foot. And you get to pay for it!

3 thoughts on “Obama Is Now FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US on Taxpayer Dime

  1. Every slimy, thieving whore of a wetback that’s here illegally is a felon, whether Obama flies them in or not.

    This country has a long history of sentencing criminals to forced labor on chain gangs, road crews, digging ditches, etc.

    In this same spirit and tradition of “correction”, I see no reason why every stinking wetback shouldn’t be turned into a slave. As a form of reimbursement for what they’re costing us now, I think the wetbacks should be divided up between the taxpayers, so Americans who paid for this invading horde of trash will get a few domestic servants out of the deal.

    It’s a simple matter of passing a law requiring a life of hard labor as the sentence for crossing the border illegally. I want someone here that I can beat to a pulp every week for the headaches they’re costing me now.

  2. I say if 1 third of these Invaders were shot then we could use the rest as J R suggest as servants . Of course , this is only a rough draft of the battle plan .

  3. Again, how are they REFUGEES?????!!!! A Refugee is someone fleeing his or her country due to violence and war. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT!! 😡

    So therefore, they are most certainly NOT Refugees, you stupid reporter!!!! Look it up in the dictionary, you dumbass! Where does this guy get his education from? Commie Core?

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