Obama’s Advisors: Disarm America Through Taxation

Freedom Outpost – by William Lafferty

Here’s what Obama’s advisors are telling him about the way to confiscate guns: Tax them.

They are advising him to tax guns, ammunition, magazines, and licenses and then attach draconian remedies for failure to register and pay the taxes. Set the taxes low the first year, then increase them gradually to the point where a person owning an AR 15, three magazines and a box of ammo would owe $5,000 a year in taxes.  

If a gun owner doesn’t pay, the small print at the end of the tax law would subject him to jail and confiscation of everything he owns.

Why use this approach? Because people ignore gradual change and taxes can be imposed as a gradual change. It’s only when two things happen simultaneously that revolution occurs. First, the ideals underlying the society must be undermined. That has already happened. And second, there must be a spark that ignites revolt. Since traditions and ideals of the country have already been compromised, it would be unwise to create any sparks.

Taxes ignite no sparks. Getting a tax bill is a non-event. The hapless taxpayer grinds his teeth and gets out his checkbook. He’s in a bad mood for a month. There is nothing to rally around. No one has been killed or invaded, at least at the point where the tax has been imposed.

Under this taxing approach you increase taxes to the point no one can pay them, then send a tax bill to the gun owners you know about (in Pennsylvania, that’s pretty much everyone who owns a gun), and you wait for someone not to pay. When a preferred target doesn’t pay, you send the storm troopers to his house, find his guns, and arrest him. You take the offender’s guns and his house and put him in jail for twenty years. Then you publicize the arrest and declare a period of amnesty for other weekend rebels and watch the guns flow in.

At that point, the country will have been effectively disarmed.

After the taxes are imposed and offending gun owners are picked off one at a time, wives will implore their husbands not to risk the family home, all their savings and the husband’s own freedom. And they will point to the examples of imprisoned and bankrupted gun owners that have already been held up to public view.

Norman Thomas described America’s descent into socialism very much in the way I have described America’s descent into gun confiscation:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without every knowing how it happened.”*

That’s the smart way to do it, Barack. Get us a little farther down the road to socialism, then quietly tax guns, and finally, take them all.

*Source cited quote from “The Liberal Mind,” pg, 27 by Lyle H. Rossiter

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/obamas-advisors-disarm-america-through-taxation/#ixzz2NoI9RFhV

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12 thoughts on “Obama’s Advisors: Disarm America Through Taxation

  1. I don’t know about that being a good way to disarm a nation, but it sure is a great way to start a revolution! 😉

  2. This scares the hell out of me. For someone like me that doesn’t have a job, and jobs are far and between here where I live, it would make it damn nigh impossible to pay the tax on the guns that I own. I dread to think about something like that. :-S

    1. Hey Skeeter,If you were silly enough to REGISTER your guns then you deserve to be HEAVILY taxed and then disarmed,then study the term SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Only slaves register their families defense.Just my american opinion.Learn from the HISTORY of the world REGISTRATION PRECEEDS CONFISCATION.

      1. The only gun the gov’t probably knows about is the gun that was hand carried home frome Viet-Nam by my father. The other 2 i have are guns that you don’t have to register when you buy them.

    2. Hey there SkeeterB, I wouldn`t be discouraged about being unemployed because if you did find a job it would probobly be a low paying sh*t job that you most likely would not be able to put gas in your car or buy food muchless pay taxes to keep a gun. It wouldn`t be so bad if employers would pay a livable wage now days ya know. It is all about a controlling power trip to tptb I hate to say.

  3. In Oregon, you can buy firearms, in state, without background checks…So, not sure how they would know if I had one or not…”I have been out of work, so I sold all my firearms to pay for bills”……I had the receipts to who I sold them to, I verified they were legal, they had concealed handgun license, so they already had a background check, so I am good….but being out of work and having to sell my house, I lost all my paperwork.

  4. I figure they’ll have about as much success collecting that tax as they will with trying to collect our guns.

    Should be interesting.

  5. If you have bought a firearm in the past and filled out a Form 4473, they know what you bought. It is in a government computer somewhere. However, they don’t know that you still have it. You may have sold it, traded it, or you may still have it. They don’t know. When they will know is when you have to fill out a Form 4473 after a certain date that background checks are required. The way if at some time in your past you have been background checked for a firearm purchase, it confirms you still have it and are transferring it to the new purchaser. At that point it is for all practical purposes a registered firearm. When you sell or trade it to another person and do a background check, it is taken from your list of firearms and added to the new owner’s list. This way every firearm that is background checked is essentially registered. The only way to get around them knowing what you have is to never transfer any firearm you owned before the required background checks or a massive non-compliance to their illegal laws. If they don’t know you have it, they can’t come a get it. What they are counting on is everyone meekly going along with their gun grabbing regulations and trotting right down to register them.

  6. “Set the taxes low the first year, then increase them gradually to the point where a person owning an AR 15, three magazines and a box of ammo would owe $5,000 a year in taxes. ”

    1. The 16th Amendment was never fully ratified and is unconstitutional.

    2. I completely agree with Sunfire’s comment above.

    3. If he or anyone else in the government or country is thinking that this country will last another year to even begin implementing this on their taxes for NEXT year, then they are living in LA LA LAND just like the sheeple who are looking forward to the next presidential election in 2016.

    I just talked to someone today who says that he doesn’t see this country even getting to the summer before going to WWIII. And he is not even fully awake, but still can read between the lines.

    This tax thing with guns is just another delay/distraction tactic to keep the sheeple thinking that our present day foreign government in America will still be around in the next few years. What a joke.

    Taxing our guns??? What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not understand!!!!!!??? If that ain’t infringement then a guy stealing money from a bank is not a bank robber. I mean, come on, people!

  7. Read my fine print: I will not pay a tax and an attempt to confiscate or imprison me will subject the federal agents enforcing this illegal decree to be shot in the face.

  8. Hmmm

    taxation is in itself an infringement and there for illegal. Excessive taxation is merely a more flagrant version of that infringement. Lets be clear about all this. The President of the United States and rogue members of the US Congress are attempting via legislative fiat to circumvent the Bill of Rights. And as such they are in effect attempting to dismantle the Republic.

    1. The Supreme Court is just as complicit. i.e Obama Care. Illegal as hell, nothing more than a tax. Supreme Court turned our Bill of Rights into toilet paper over that.

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