Obama’s Government Prefers Empty Guns and Knife Fights

Last Resistance – by John DeMayo

Would it come as a surprise that most of the raw materials that munitions manufactures require to produce bullets come from foreign countries? Recently, I spent of few days visiting local gun dealers, investigating ammunition shortage issues, calling ammunition distributors about inventory problems, and researching the raw materials required to make a bullet. Ammunition manufacturing is a very complicated and heavily regulated business.  

According to local gun shops, since last year, ammunition prices have increased over 40%. According to ammunition distributors, this is directly related to manufacturer’s inventories being depleted by government purchases and the scarcity of raw materials needed to make more bullets and replenish inventories.

In this article, I will use the term “bullet” to describe the actual projectile, casing and propellant, combined as a single unit, which can be fired from a gun. Example: Without “bullets” guns are worthless.

At the risk of over simplifying the complicated, bullets are made of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), lead (a material that is toxic) and gun powder (potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur). All raw materials required to make a bullet are first mined, then refined (two processes frowned upon by our EPA and environmental lobbies), then purchased by government licensed and heavily monitored munitions manufacturers. From there, these component parts are combined using manufacturing processes, which according to the government, create dozens of potential deadly toxic by-products that require EPA oversight and regulation. Get the picture?

I don’t know why it has taken so long for Americans to realize that gun control has always been about ammunition supplies. More importantly, it’s about the mining, manufacturing, and the import/export of raw materials required to produce bullets. As the largest consumer of bullets, the federal government has the power to control the manufacturing capabilities and inventories of all domestic munitions manufacturers and with that, the cost and availability of the bullets Americans require for our self defense. They also have the ability to control the importing and exporting of the key ingredients required to make every caliber of bullet or shell casing known to second amendment advocates. This includes the materials needed for do-it-yourselfers who subscribe to the school of reloading.

All the wild rumors aside, the basic laws of supply and demand are being used to begin the government’s process of controlling ammunition supplies and pricing in America. Raw material shortages, for making bullets, are also being controlled by the Obama government much in the same way they control, through overregulation and import/export manipulation, every industry they see as a threat to Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America.

This Administration and our government as a whole are experts on splitting hairs. Given that the second amendment says nothing specifically about the individual right to purchase or stock pile ammunition, is it such a huge leap to conclude that government is not coming for the guns, but the bullets? Is it also inconceivable that Federal ammunition laws, like the ones being tested in Connecticut, will one day become the law of the land?

For a brief period, back in 2009, the Obama Administration attempted to eliminate spent bullet casings by requiring their shredding. Then they remembered they had an election coming up in 2010 and another in 2012, so shredding was ended. Late last year, the Obama EPA attempted to prohibit the use of lead in rounds and shells used for hunting on Federal land. The Obama EPA claimed the use of lead in ammunition was an environmental hazard. Given that using any other available material, currently available, would render all bullets armor piercing, and by extension illegal to purchase or own under federal law, the Obama EPA was forced to back off its attempts at ammunition regulation.

President Obama doesn’t have to worry about anymore elections. He just has to worry about raising enough money for his party to buy the Senate and Congressional seats he needs in 2014. Magazine capacity limits are nothing more than a distraction covering for what is really happening to Second Amendment rights in America. Call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but is it so hard to imagine that the State Department (can you say Keystone pipeline?), the EPA, and U.S. Import/Export policies and treaties will not be used to make bullet making materials even more scarce in the future? What do you think the cost of firearms ammunition will be in 2 more years and what of its availability?

The Mining industry is under attack in America. As a result, America imports more raw materials today then it exports. This has been a growing trend for years. Countries like China, India and Russia are now the biggest miners of raw materials on the planet. I guess there is something to be said for cheap foreign labor and non-existent EPA regulations after all.

Sometime back, I wrote an article about the Obama supported United Nations Arms Treaty (titled: Obama Thinks U.N. Control is a Good Idea).  I don’t think it was very popular. However, I revealed what I thought was the most startling yet rarely discussed component of this proposed U.N. Arms Treaty: U.N. Global Gun registration and ammunition stock pile monitoring. I promise you, President Obama has an executive order, waiting to be signed, that will require background checks/licenses for ammunition purchases and low volume purchases will eventually fall under the stockpiling guidelines vaguely outlined in the U.N. Arms Treaty.

Remember Oklahoma City? What happened to fertilizer and gun powder after Timothy McVey and Terry Nichols blew up a building using a truck and materials purchased at Feed and Grain stores? Wake up, America. There not coming for your guns, they are coming for the bullets. First they make them unaffordable, then they make them less accessible, and eventually your guns become as useful as a knife in a gun fight. For the love of Pete, many Sheriff’s Departments (remember the guys who said they wouldn’t enforce new gun regulations) are having problems getting ammunition and are taking to depending on reloading for practice/training rounds. And they run with fully automatic bullet spraying man killers. That’s a lot of reloading of overused brass.

With the Obama Administration, it will never be about upfront commonsense government. It’s about subversive control of the masses to perpetuate our eventual enslavement. It’s about the bullets America, it always has been. Remember, Vice President Joe Biden told us: “It’s just the beginning.”

A gun powder shortage almost cost our forefathers the War for our nation’s independence. Look it up.


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