Reflections on the Tyranny Approaching

Save America Foundation – by J. Rizzola

I remember back in 2001 when the nation witnessed the shocking events that took place that fateful September 11. I was in Hawaii at the time, and the day before the 11th, which was the last of a four day holiday weekend, my family and I had enjoyed the last day of freedom as we have known it.  

We were stuck in a long line of traffic trying to get out to the island’s north shore beaches. The road was lined with pineapple fields as far as the eye could see. Even remembering that day, life seemed so different. The next morning I received a frantic phone call from my Aunt at 3 am. She was asking me if we were going to war, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Given the fact that there is at least a 6 hour time difference between Honolulu and Michigan she was already aware of what was going on while we had yet to learn. Needless to say minutes after I got off the phone with her I received another call and it was time to go to work. I was in the military and it was time to prepare.

Over the course of the next couple of years I became aware of the “new world order” conspiracy theory, at the time it all revolved around George Bush, the Project for a New American Century and the Patriot Act, which if you recall was made into law just days after the Sept. 11 attacks. Much in the same way many other laws have been passed since then, in the name of an emergency.

Doesn’t anyone remember that this was the law that established the office of the president as having authority to use military force against unlawful combatants, even if they were American Citizens? This is a power that has not been let go, few presidents surrender power when assuming office and they always build on existing power. Scary thought isn’t it? What that essentially means is that it isn’t the man but the office that has assumed dictatorial powers over us. Such is the way I suppose.

Regardless, I was adamantly opposed to George Bush and everything he had envisioned, except for the war efforts in Afghanistan. It seemed reasonable that because the hijackers were from Afghanistan that the war was justified. It didn’t take long however to realize that there was a huge pipe line being built in Afghanistan and what seemed even more strange was remembering that the Soviets had spent 10 years fighting the Afghans and their efforts seemed for naught, as the war was a contributing factor to why they went broke.

Did I forget to mention that the United States supported Afghanistan in this instance? Something funny was definitely going on. I was real bothered with the Iraq war also because the truth is we had been bombing them into oblivion through nearly a decade of sanctions.  I am not convinced they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction; several sources were popping up on the internet claiming that the U.S. had provided them to Saddam Hussein to help secure a victory in his war against Iran during the 1980’s.

Here is where it gets interesting. According to the conspiracy of the time, the Project for a New American Century called for the plans of what we see our current administration fulfilling now. The war efforts in Libya, Syria, Africa and the increasing speculation of a war with Iran were all planned before this president even took office. Which could only mean one thing, the new world order global government conspiracy is true, and Barrack Obama as well as George Bush were just puppets of the same puppet master.

You see, the liberals of the Bush administration went to great efforts to make their opposition known. They protested at every given opportunity and portrayed him as an oppressive dictator much the same way today’s conservatives portray Obama.

Now that the democrats are at the helm and it is apparent that they are carrying out the same war plan as the Bush administration, only under a different name, you hear nothing but silence.

At least I can sit here and say that what I saw George Bush doing was just as unconstitutional and that Obama obviously was put in place to finish what Bush had started.  I am loyal to my constitution and country, not party ideologies.

People would be wise to understand that it wasn’t just Bush that had started this. Presidents have been committing acts of treason against the constitution, and this country for decades, if not an entire century. Some of our biggest conservative Icons such as Ronald Reagan have done little more than sell us out to others with an agenda for world domination.

Yet somehow we Americans sit in the middle and allow ourselves to be divided into ideological camps that are led by false leaders, and we have forgotten a few basic principles that have the potential to keep us indivisible.

We are being led to our own demise by men who have robbed us of our wealth so they can build the means to keep themselves alive in the destruction they know awaits us. By keeping us divided and making us believe that liberals believe this and conservatives believe that, they are ensuring that we will never build the necessary strength to challenge their authority.

They are also throwing the amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants who do not share the same values as most Americans into the mix to ensure that we are further divided and isolated.

As we speak they are writing laws that will turn us into criminals for exercising rights our grandfathers died to secure for us, they are pushing us further and further until our backs are against the wall and we are forced to act so they can enforce their laws.

Our fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers and friends who have believed they were defending freedom are coming home to a government hostile to everything they have stood for. A government intent on stripping them of the rights they fought to defend. A government that sent them off to fight wars based on lies, and then tells them they can’t be trusted with the weapons they trained them to use, and yet most of America is still asleep, or willing to accept it as long as it doesn’t affect them.

On top of all this we see the very enemy that has vowed destruction to the west make great headway at influencing American culture under our current president.

I have news for you who choose to turn a blind eye in the name of party loyalty. No one is safe from tyranny and your ignorance of history is the reason we stand on the brink of once again repeating it. History in fact tells us that the first to go are the most loyal because they believe they are owed something.  They have only received what they deserve as evil rears its ugly head only because good men do nothing to stop it.

Failure to act against evil is to commit evil yourself; failure to stand for what is right only makes you wrong.

America, we have one of the greatest documents the world has ever known that secures our rights to freedom and self determination. We have to stop letting others define what we believe and decide for ourselves.  For far too long we have taken freedom for granted in America and put the fate of our future generations in the hands of those that have lost their way. We have forgotten that a free republic requires an informed public that understands that freedom only exists because of their constant vigilance.

What are we now? A generation of people that has virtually forgotten how to provide for themselves and have come to accept that government knows better than them on how to live their lives. We have become a society addicted to entertainment and pleasure and would just as soon stay tuned to the latest reality television show than investigate the man that made his intentions to fundamentally transform America perfectly clear.

Conservatives that blindly followed George Bush are guilty as well. The point is, we have to stop letting the republican vs. democrat narrative set the tone for the conversation we need to have, and we need to stop looking to these corrupt politicians that have lost their way to solve the nation’s problems. We need to put the power back where it belongs, in our hands. It is WE THE PEOPLE that need to set the tone for a national conversation, not corrupt bureaucrats that seek to use our division and manufactured opinions to their advantage. Its time to wake up America!

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