October Auction for From the Trenches

Here are the winners:

Deluxe Camping Set: Laurel Eury – $55.00
Seed Sprouting System with Seeds: Norm – $20.00
Parchment replica of Battlefield Map of Revolutionary War from Historical Documents: Ken Paulson – $30
Parchment depicting weapons of the American Revolution: Kristina Floyd – $30
Fiskars Billhook Saw: Ken Paulson – $20
Don’t Tread on Me T-Shirt: Norm – $20
Spike Timmons T-Shirt: Christine Crosby – $20
Emergency Essentials: Ken Paulson – $25

Thank you to all who participated, we do appreciate your support.

Mary and Galen are sponsoring an auction to raise funds for From the Trenches World Report.

This way, the Trenchers will get what they want and the Trenches will be supported.

All auctions will end on Friday, October 8th at noon, Pacific Time.

The winning bidder can either donate via PayPal or mail the donation to Henry Shivley, P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624.

Make sure you include your current mailing address so that the prizes can go out as soon as possible.

Thank you to Mary and Galen for the donations and to all who participate.

Good luck and have fun!

7 thoughts on “October Auction for From the Trenches

  1. This site needs to continue!! It has been a lifesaver and a place where others feel the same support. I hope to continue to support The Trenches World Report.Com There is not many safe havens left… especially on the internet!!!!

  2. Awesome I appreciate the items!! Dont pay alot to ship… snail mail is fine! LOL Thanks Galen. Thank you Mary also. Good Night and sleep well. Tommorow will be a bigger challenge than we’ve already faced!

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