Oregon Shooting First Stop Upclose !!HANDSHOT@1.45!!

Published on Jan 31, 2016 by oddbods

As requested, a close up, slowed down and repeated zoom video of the first stop, Before anyone complains, I did use the HD footage, still gets pixelated a fair bit when zoomed in as well as youtube resolution., hope this helps. Watch for the handshot at 1.45
* Nothing added or changed apart from cropping/zooming in and slowing down of supplied footage,NO PHOTOSHOP, NO EFFECTS, Just the close in Facts!!! GET OVER IT!!

3 thoughts on “Oregon Shooting First Stop Upclose !!HANDSHOT@1.45!!

  1. Hand shot?
    I looked at several times.
    Is it the passenger in the truck with the arm out the one shot?
    I see this happened well before being run off into the snow bank.

  2. he was murdered
    didn’t need to see the video to figure that out
    however, someone in the field recently explained each frame and that was his conclusion as well
    the guy who first brought it up in conversation was probably feeling about this small because he believed his lying eyes that corpoRATe news video put out

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