Orlando Police Officer Assaults Citizen

Published on Feb 21, 2013 by policecrimecom

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8 thoughts on “Orlando Police Officer Assaults Citizen

  1. ADL representative Picassio can be located. Another excellent reason why the public should be armed with assault weapons and large capacity side arms.

  2. Yea right – they investigate their own and they have no double standards. BS. Cops are cops are f1n cops. Cops will never change, they like beatinmg up and bullying those that are defenceless. Cops are untrustable and unlikeable anyway you look at it.

  3. Everyday. Every-f&%$in’-day there’s another story about a cop brutalizing a citizen (usually a little girl), and the fact of this being so pervasive proves that this is official policy.

    The prosecutor is full of it, because all he’s going to do is lie to the public about how he’ll prosecute the bad cops. BS. I have $50 that says absolutely nothing happens to this cop. (for now)

    Every week there’s another citizen murdered by them, and everyday there’s another beaten by them. It’s hardly even news anymore. It’s just the way cops are, and I think it’s only being reported to get the public to accept that fact.

    We have no rights, and no law and order that we’re not willing to fight for. That fact should be painfully obvious to everyone by now. These pigs have to be stopped, and as we’ve seen time and again, no one in our government will lift a finger to end their brutality, or punish them for it. It’s encouraged by their bosses, and the end of it will only come when the people have finally had enough of being abused.

  4. the problem is every one around the incident just watches and does nothing because we all know now, if we try to protect ourselves and/or intervene to protect others from the police, we are literally taking our lives, our finances and our futures in our hands as the police have and will continue to lie on reports, shoot to kill non-lethal threats and not be held accountable for their actions. Everyone is simply in the “I hope it does not happen to me mode” that is destroying all our rights.

    1. Well stated. Nothing will change until the talmudists begin taking ‘lead’ min a big way. What happened in early Soviet Russia (jewish financed and directed) is happening in the Western Nations today. Past time to put a stop to it.

      1. “Taking lead” only in defense of life the others must be charged and PUBLICLY tried then then publicly hung no wild west vigilante stuff we are on the side of right and will not sink to their level. At least thats how I will conduct myself but Im just one man unaffiliated with any groups as most just seem to turn into hatefilled wolfpacks and thats the problem of our government vicious unmoraled wolves.

  5. How long before the tens of millions of armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

  6. One result of our pending economic collapse may be US citizens willingness to confront these legal goons. I mean if the system collapses and then “they” abuse us without cause, perhaps citizens will realize there
    is nothing to lose by standing up for yourself!
    If you’re being sent to a FEMA camp to die you may as well resist!

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