Orthodox Jew Flies In Plane Covered In Huge Plastic Bag, Possibly To Avoid Cemetery Flyover

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A picture of an Orthodox Jew encased in a giant plastic bag is causing some debate on the Internet this week, as commenters attempt to explain the man’s unusual traveling garb.

Redditor “FinalSay” posted the picture of the man early Thursday morning to the r/atheism subreddit, with the caption, “An Orthodox Jew in an airplane with women – so he covers himself with a plastic bag…”    

Ultra-Orthodox Jews adhere to a strict set of guidelines that include gender segregation in public. In fact, Haaretz reports that Israeli airline El Al has noticed an increase in the number of ultra-Orthodox men asking to switch seats to avoid sitting next to women. (One woman even sued the airlines for allegedly moving her to the back of a plane after ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit next to her.)

However, netizens were quick to point out that the “flying with women” explanation may not be entirely accurate.

“This has nothing to do with women,” user “thenewyorkgod” wrote. “He is a cohen,’ descendant from the high holy priests of the temple and they are not allowed to walk into or fly over a cemetery, which would render them impure.”

Indeed, there seems to be some precedent for holy men (alternately known as a Kohen or Cohen) attempting to travel in plastic bags to and from Israel.

In 2001, El Al Airlines decided not to allow ultra-Orthodox Jews of priestly descent to “hermetically seal themselves in plastic bags when flying over the Holon cemetery in order to avoid ritual impurity.”

El Al stated “flight safety considerations do not allow for passengers to board while covered in sealed plastic bags.”

Still, the paper reported that in 2002 a flight crew got into a heated dispute with anultra-Orthodox passenger who attempted to fly wrapped in plastic, according to Haaretz. The confrontation eventually led the pilot to turn the plane around.


30 thoughts on “Orthodox Jew Flies In Plane Covered In Huge Plastic Bag, Possibly To Avoid Cemetery Flyover

    1. HAHAHAHahahahaha!!!!

      Oh,.. that’s great!

      JD – US Marines – Got a good laugh out LSA’s comment!

  1. When he was asked “plastic or paper?”. He probably responded, “plastic.”
    I hope it was a short flight, so he did not have to hold his breath for a very long time.

  2. Damn! I haven’t had a laugh like that since Nitwityahoo did his cartoon bomb thing at the UN. This dude is hilarous! Like those other orthodox nutters that wear that truuuly maaaassive black marshmellow on their heads. Or is that part of this guys wardrobe too? Imagine both! Ohhhh, he’d be like a giant racist lampshade! I’m glad he didn’t wear both as I don’t think I would have survived the comedic combo – lol:) Religion and it’s retarded wardrobe choices is hilarious generally, but this is definitely in the special mention category – Like a Darwin award. Hmm, maybe if you quietly sticky-taped up his strategically accidental breathing tear while he’s distracted wailing into his instruction manual, you’d have yourself a contestant for that award in about 10 minutes. kidding, ziotrolls. He needs years of deprogramming from his satanic cult addiction, compassion and understanding, not death. We could start him out on a much safer giant paper bag with eye cutouts and a huge smiley face drawn on it and work our way down from there. He should convert, get the full chop (rather than the usual trim) and wear a burka – much easier to get around and far less “greenhouse gas” if ya knowwhatImean. eww…

    Think of it this way – the bag is keeping the crazy in and stopping it spreading – wrapped nice’n’fresh for the next purim celebration of blood, death, murder and mayhem. They should always wear bags, all the time.
    It would make the truly xenophobic, racist, warmongering, genocidal, psychopathic, blood lusting “chosen ones” much easier for sane, mentally healthy human beings to recognize, disarm and ensure get the help they need after their grubby little Rothschild owned (e)state vanishes from the page of time. I wonder how the TSA handle these dudes… with salad tongs?


  3. I hope that bag is kosher!

    The kosher rip off,seriously, check out the supermarket for all the kosher items such as plastic bags kosher cleanser kosher detergent kosher water these are all scams.
    No one eats cleanser or bags, but the jews make sure that they get paid for having that little K symbol on the products. Also the “big/jew” stores and distributors will not sell your product unless you have that kosher stamp on your product.
    Go to the circle u website, they will bluntly state that in their own words.

  4. Perhaps the poor gent is severely incontinent…
    But seriously, all fundamentalists, whatever the religion, are insane!

  5. They forgot to ask him at the dry cleaners, hung or folded.
    On a more serious note though, you have people like this in all religions, this is a little extreme and funny like hell though.

  6. The religious argument to justify this patently deluded and mentally suspect behaviour is that members of this particular sub-sect of the Jewish cult become spiritually ‘unclean’ if they *enter* a cemetery.

    Now consider the absurdity that the man is flying *over* the cemetery (something that the early writers had no idea was going to be possible as I’m sure they would have clarified things) in a hermetically sealed metal tube, but it’s the plastic bag that will keep him spiritually ‘clean’. That’s right, only plastic – invented less than 100 years ago – has the magical properties required to keep your soul safe from the evil effects of cemeteries.

    I wonder how far the effect of the cemetery extends into space? Perhaps a well informed Rabbi could enlighten me. Would this pose a problem for Jewish space exploration – I mean those beams of constantly moving spiritual negativity projecting out across infinite space have to be a problem, right?

    1. Insanity cares not for race, gender, religion or nationality.

      It’s an equal opportunity condtion, available to any and all.

  7. Wow. How twisted must your mind be to do that to yourself?

    This guy and all these poor creatures in their horrible black suits with the giant black hats really have my pity, they might think that they are superior, but what they demonstrate is that they are sociophobic and afraid of everything and everybody who doesn’t fit in their tiny and rigid worldview. What a deplorable state of mind to be in!

    How weak and feeble must they feel, if they cannot deal with sitting next to a woman or (even more ridiculous) flying over a cemetery? And to think that a plasticbag can accomplish what a steel shell (like the airplane) cannot? It just hurts to even think this way!

  8. Now, knowing the problems that cabin pressure causes, to wit, “farts”, this guy must have spent a lot of the flight breathing in his own gaseous emissions! Good for the others around him maybe, but surely he’d be risking a build up of potentially combustible gasses in there. Hell, by the end of a long haul he might be floating round the cabin like a big kosher Hindenberg… and we all know what happened to that!

  9. Looking at that bag that that cohen is in makes me wonder who tied the bag off because it looks like it was tied off from the outside of the bag. Must be another one of those jew tricks. lol

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