Ottawa Shooting Hoax 100% Busted! 9 Bullet Holes On Wall = Bullshit

Published on Nov 1, 2014 by freeradiorevolution

Here’s the google Street view:…
Tweet this everywhere – post it on all social media. Help me get this out folks! Much Love – Jeff C.


4 thoughts on “Ottawa Shooting Hoax 100% Busted! 9 Bullet Holes On Wall = Bullshit

  1. Oh, boy. another shooting hoax. I got news for you, bone-head. EVERY shooting that’s published in the Zionist news is going to be a hoax, because the Zionist news exists for the sole purpose of deceiving you and manipulating public opinion.

    They will not publish stories about people defending themselves and their families with firearms because that will induce people to buy more of them, and that’s also why you never hear about home-invasion crimes in the news, either.

    People generally don’t shoot each other unless they have to. The Zionist news wants you to believe that the world is a much more dangerous place than it actually is.

  2. All this does is reinforce my belief and feelings that I need to carry a gun with me every day of my life
    and own more then one and be at my best with them

    doesnt even matter if the story is true or not , because either way I need to be able to protect myself from either side of this truth or lie

    this shit dont work on me

  3. Soon, we’ll all be extremists.
    Y’all need to check out Charlie McGrath’s video just out about it, extremists.
    They’re closing the loop.

  4. I like the CPR video where the medic is not even doing chest compressions on the victims chest but off to the side while the woman appears to be practicing her kissing technique. Mouth to mouth is not even part of CPR protocol any longer and her rhythm would have been totally off.

    Yes, almost all these events are zio-hoaxes.

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