PA Grandma Used Witchcraft As Threat Against Police Officer: Report

Patch – by Megan VerHelst

WILLIAMSBURG, PA — A Pennsylvania grandma is facing multiple charges after police say she threatened to use “white witchcraft” against an officer if he didn’t drop felony drug charges against her grandson, according to a report.

Celestia R. Barker III, 74, of Williamsburg, appeared before a judge on Friday for a felony charge of threatening unlawful harm to influence the judicial process. She also faces a misdemeanor count of communications with 911, three summary counts of harassment, and one summary count of disorderly conduct, the Altoona Mirror reported.

Barker reportedly called Hollidaysburg police on March 27 to ask the officer handling her grandson’s case to drop the charges against him, WTAJ reported.

Barker reportedly asked the officer if he “had it in his heart” to drop the felony drug charges against her grandson, the Mirror reported, citing court documents. When the officer said he hadn’t given it any thought, Barker reportedly told the officer that she practices “witch” activities and that he would be in jeopardy if he didn’t drop the felony charges against her grandson.

Barker then said she could do “white witchery” and the officer better be careful because someone might push him down the steps or he might be in a car accident, according to reports.

The officer reportedly told Barker that threatening law enforcement is a crime; however, Barker said she wasn’t threatening him, she was making statements.

The officer ended the conversation with Barker, the Mirror reported, but Barker proceeded to call Hollidaysburg police several more times. She also called Blair County Dispatch three times, WTAJ reported, and repeated her threats.

Barker was arrested and released on $10,000 bail, WTAJ reported. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 26.

3 thoughts on “PA Grandma Used Witchcraft As Threat Against Police Officer: Report

    1. Yeah, craziest story of the day. And…

      Push him down the steps?!! Cause him to have a car accident?!! Wait a minute!! As I understand it, those people who practice “white witchery” are about doing good, blessing people, helping them have healing miracles. She must be a very mixed up grandma. That said… regarding narcs… a few pins in a voodoo doll might come in handy. Ha, jus’ kidding (somewhat). 🙂

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