6 thoughts on “Parent Reads Explicit Course Material Given To Students TO THE FACE Of School Board

  1. Didn’t know it was to this level. Can’t believe they’ve gotten away with it this long. I mean I knew the perversion was rampant everywhere but didn’t know the text books got THAT graphic. May all who push this burn in hell, if they don’t burn here first.


    1. These sycophants are like rabid dogs. There is only one cure and that is a bullet through their sick, demented, pedophilic heads. And it is a testament to the ignorance of the average CITIZEN that this has been going on this long and they are just now looking at what their children have been being exposed to for years. Nauseating.

    1. Yeah, for sure

      this is all being done on purpose , this is all destruction of the status quo , they want to destroy it all , and they are doing a dam good job at it .. when does the REAL push back occur ?

  2. The same parents who think the corona-hoax is ‘real’, the vaxx is FOR the corona-hoax, and think this ‘material’ is some grave error…..

    Oh. Okay

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