10 thoughts on “Parkland student says David Hogg is crisis actor.

  1. I cannot play this video – I get the circle/slash through the “play” triangle. Usually, this is because of a software incompatibility. If no one else can play it, then the station has been ordered to scrub the video. If anyone can access this vid, it would be great to have a repost in MP4 format.

    1. i got to see it, interesting. i knew the whole truth would come out sooner or later. i wouldn’t know the first thing about repost in MP4 format. sorry

    2. imo, this video clip proves nothing. It shows Hogg in what is assumed a class room, then a voice (no picture of the person) says, “he’s not even supposed to be in our school, he’s like 25 and he’s from California even though he’s my debate partner, what the hell.” Then the camera zooms onto Hoggs face and Hogg says, “shocking.”

      Again, imo, it proves nothing.

      1. Katie, what struck me about this wasn’t anything from Hogg himself but from the student confronting him, confronting him in earnest. Just one more piece to add to the incrimination. So many pieces yet to find.


        1. galen, if this is a true statement from this guy, if it was me, I’d be going to EVERY news media outlet as well as every “govt. critter” with this statement/evidence and all the while keeping detailed records of who’d I contacted and their response, for the record. I would force it into the record, if no one took the time to investigate, you know, ignored my evidence, I’d do what I could to personally make every one of them accountable.

          I can’t verify this was an actual confrontation or not, but again, it it is real, push it into the conversation.

          1. I see your point. I don’t blindly accept what’s here, but do consider it in the bigger picture. Maybe more will come out. I like to look at all bits, just in case there’s something there to expose a psy-op. And who knows, maybe the confronting student is trying to do more but meets up with suppression at every turn. We’ll see, hopefully.


    3. Played it with Brave browser using the link provided, not the FTTWR link video above. Many videos cannot be seen using Brave for one reason or another (forcing me to use Chrome if that happens). Brave is great for privacy but a pain in the @ss at other times.

  2. The whole country knows he’s an actor, and now we know what he looks like, so remember his face, and keep your eyes open for the little traitor in the future.

  3. I was able to see this from a desktop unit. Seems it would be a small thing to find out where the spook family hails from, and how old the punk is.
    Braid more ropes, gentlemen.

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