Parkland’s David Hogg agrees to debate ‘sh*t journalist’ Alex Jones

Raw Story – by David Edwards

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Tuesday agreed to a interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In a series of tweets, Jones accused Hogg of using CNN to shut down his YouTube channel.

“My YouTube channel with 2+ billion views has now been frozen after CNN lobbied for it to be closed in your name,” Jones charged on Twitter.

Hogg responded by suggesting Jones is a “shit journalist” who is “confused as to what I do/who I am.”

At that point, Hogg offered to come on Jones’ show to clear up the confusion.

And Jones accepted the offer.

It was not immediately clear if or when Hogg would appear on Jones’ radio program.

Raw Story

9 thoughts on “Parkland’s David Hogg agrees to debate ‘sh*t journalist’ Alex Jones

  1. It’s funny that Alex Jones might get an interview. The disinfo agent who went in front of piers Morgan and made every gun owner look like an unhinged retard. Funny actual knowledgeable people on the issue of the 2nd amendment are never interviewd or given a voice. Also, I’m curious as to what David Hogg meant by “Hey Alex Jones you seem to be really confused as to what I do/who I am”. After all, I thought he was just an innocent high school kid. Whos father happens to be in the agency that let the alleged shooter go at least 39 times even as he announced his plan to be a school shooter among many other “questionable” instances.

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