Parody: Ted Cruz for President 2016!!!

Truthstream Media – by Melissa Melton

“If you want more of the same… I’m Ted Cruz.”

Senator Ted Cruz has officially announced his campaign for president… gosh darnit hoo diddly, are you excited at all the cheesy electioneering to come?

We decided to make our own Ted Cruz presidential bid video because the one he produced is literally vomit and/or cringe-inducing to the point that we thought it was a parody. Who is buying that ridiculous tripe? Did he actually go get the “In a World” movie trailer guy to do the voice at the end?


As many know, we have covered many of the sham candidates looking to run in 2016, and called out their cheap deceptive tricks.

The elections are just a show! The selection process takes place behind closed doors, and the candidates court the public to renew faith in the failed and predatory political process. The people keep casting a vote for change, yet somehow get the establishment time and time again. Are we all just insane?

With Bush shill and NWO Puppet Ted Cruz as a populist-pandering, Constitutional-speaking wind-up ball of phony who really works for the corporatist powers behind the throne, he is a walking false flag!


Honored, huh? To hang out with a war criminal? I’m sure he was.

Cruz is a former Bush advisor and lawyer who met his Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs, North American Union-endorsing wife while she was a Bush advisor, too. What else do you really need to know? A vote for Cruz over there is a vote for Bush. Cruz bows at the Bush dynasty altar.

He’s riding on the ticket of smaller government and conservative, tea party values because he knows it what’s people want to hear right about now, just like Obama’s handlers knew people wanted “hope and change” after George W. How’s that working out for you, all that hope and change, by the way? You’d be asking yourself the same question after wolf-in-sheep’s clothing Cruz and his establishment wife and Bush pals get through with the White House, too.

In fact, a lady who interviewed Cruz once in person told me he has so much money at this point, he has totally disconnected from reality and how to interact with normal human beings at a basic level.

It’s time to wake up before this one goes too far…

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