Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program

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While St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson is raising funds for a gun buyback program, Pastor Rodney Francis of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church wants to catch kids before they even think about wielding a weapon.

His church is planning a toy gun buyback later this summer.

Francis says there are no violent video games, gory movies or toy weapons in his family’s house.

“My wife and I feel that we need to do everything we can to not allow our kids to get exposed to this too early. They’re going to get exposed to it but we can protect them early on so they don’t get a distorted view of what those can do to the human body,” he explained.

“We want to engage the culture of violence and one of the strategies that we thought we might be able to use is to educate parents about the danger of allowing kids to continue this access to toy guns and playing with toy guns.”

Francis says parents would be able to trade their toy guns, swords, or other weapons in for a more “wholesome” toy.

He admits that it can be a challenge for parents to find something wholesome for their kids to do and society needs to make that easier. Francis says the distraction of a job is one that’s proven to keep kids who are in danger from getting in trouble.

12 thoughts on “Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program

  1. A more “wholesome” toy like a crucifix, depicting how a man was nailed to a wooden cross and hung up to die, after being whipped, dragged around the streets and having a crown of thorns stuck into his head – before having a spear thrust into his side and given vinegar to drink.
    Children get a hefty dose of violence from church with its stories of baby massacre, mass drowning and armies smiting other armies, etc.

  2. Christ said “Sell your cloak and buy a sword” sooooooo hows that square preacher? Preachers like you are the reason we have this violence problem………….. A wolf in a land of sheep does not stop eating does he! We are commanded in the old testament to protect our family or we are worse then an infidel

  3. This person is an idiot and likely looking for publicity.
    I recommend he move to Australia. Maybe his congregation can donate enough money for a one way flight.

  4. “Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program”

    It’s things and insane ideas like these that make me realize that the U.S. has become more Communist than China these days.

    For those of you who think China is more Communist than the U.S. is at this point, then you are sadly mistaken. Toy gun buybacks?? Really??? I have taught for 5 years in Communist China and if the people heard someone suggest this, they would laugh their ass off at that person and think he or she was nuts and put that person in the psych ward. Hell, children in China bring toy guns to recess and play cops and robbers all the time and the Chinese teachers think it is cute and is just two kids having fun and playing like normal children do. Somehow, in the U.S., this is not normal anymore. So who’s more controlled?

    As I have said before, I’m not implying China is great by any means. I’m just saying, the more we suggest or do stupid things like this, the more we are making China look good, while at the same time, making us in the U.S. look like delusional looney birds fresh out of the looney bin.

    1. Amen.This is a very weak unamerican preacher that shouldn’t be behind the pulpit.In the early days of America,it was REQUIRED by law to carry a real gun to church.I played with and loved my silver,real looking cap gun revolver pistol when I was a kid(I am a woman too,wish I had kept it if I had known how whacked out and communistic America was going to become-also I grew up in a bad home,played with guns,yet never killed anyone)So this “pastor”needs to get out of the pulpit and stop helping to destroy our country.I am a believer in Jesus Christ too!

  5. Does this pastor think he can protect children from violence? He’s really only raising sheeples to fill the ditch up with. Dead meat is dead meat no matter how you stack it. I would be teaching my children the proper way to handle a firearm and how to shoot straight. Millard from digger’s house.

  6. Toy guns teach kids bad gun habits, we never gave them toys, started them out on 22s when they were 5 today my son is 28 and a sharp shooted..his son is shooting at 4….toy guns are bad teachers..

    1. Bullshit. Toy guns are a part of our culture. Fathers have been giving their children toy guns since the gun was invented, at first whittling them out of wood. When a child get mature enough to have a real gun you teach them how to handle a real gun. Before then, you teach them that real guns kill for real and they are not allowed to touch them.
      I will not be manipulated in the smallest degree by political correctness. My grandchildren will have fought a thousand battles with their toy guns by the time they start shooting their real guns.

      1. Hey Henry,my first gun was a crossman 760 ten pump b.b. gun It was the one to have back when most had the daisey it shot almost as well as a 22. when my son turned ten he got the modern equal which had plastic crap where wood had been,I wish I knew where my mom hid mine.

  7. Do you know what happens when you take a kid’s toy guns away?

    He picks up a broom stick and makes believe it’s a rifle.

    The pastor’s an idiot.

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