3 thoughts on “Pediatricians Recommend Poisoning Newborns in the Womb

  1. This should come as no surprise. The entire medical / pharmaceutical industry was created and is controlled by Zionists who want you and your baby dead.

    But it’s okay. If you’re dumb enough to let these mass murderers shoot poison in your arm, you and your baby might just as easily walk in front of a speeding truck a week from now.

    These facts have been exposed many years ago, and there’s nothing we can do to save the morons who worship the television as the giver of all truth and knowledge. If they don’t get ’em to take the vaccine, they may convince them all to walk off a cliff like lemmings, but either way, they’ve sacrificed their own self-preservation instincts in favor of praying to the glowing screen. They’re lost, and there’s little you can do for them until they see the light for themselves.

    1. J/R, you brought up a good point… the ‘TV”. I’ll admit it, I still watch it fairly regularly, but not anything like I used to. I used to discuss things on television with my wife before she passed. I would point out that the commercials for “legal” drugs would at times be followed by a commercial for a lawsuit for other “legal drugs”. I also liked to point out that the latest trend of “reality” shows was mostly B/S, as all of them do basically the same thing: they frame the show as “reality”, but totally ignore the fact that they are a) paid to do the show, b) also ignore the fact that a film crew exists, and c) regularly say stupid shit about money and/or how they’re in a desperate situation (success/failure)… all ignoring that they GET PAID for the show, and that the film crew has their own support system. It’s just like our government, and their ‘support’ crew… all smoke, mirrors, and lies!

      -Sorry about the off-topic rant…

  2. We used to call this “Talking out of both sides of your mouth.” Other terms were “criminal malfeasance” or an even simpler term: “murder one”. I was in the ER recently for a festered splinter in my big toe; because I’m a type II diabetic I didn’t feel it happen, and by the time I could get dressed the toe felt like it was broken. It was from an old wooden floor where I’d had to tear up the linoleum, right in front of the trash can in the kitchen – which my stepkids (no longer living here) couldn’t hit to save their own lives, much less mine. Anyway, I’ve had 7 low back operations and couldn’t see WHAT the trouble was, much less reach it. I just don’t bend that way anymore.

    The short of it is that the ER folks tried VERY hard to give me a vaccination. It contained much more than just tetanus, though: it also had diptheria, whooping cough (!?!), and two others, totally needless, like whooping cough but somewhat more virulent. I declined, and when they really began to pester, I told them: I no longer believe a)that vaccine “science” is valid, and b)that vaccines are at all safe. I asked for the package insert and showed it to them and they were flabbergasted! Then I gave them some URLs where they could learn about vaccine damaged people, especially children. Hopefully they’ll learn something, but I doubt it. I worked in medicine for many years, and I KNOW how powerful the conditioning is!

    Incidentally, what took care of the infection was Oil of Oregano – an “essential oil”. It’s VERY concentrated, like all essential oils, and works like penicillin except it doesn’t kill the microorganisms your body needs and that belong there! It works topically and by mouth. A little colloidal silver didn’t hurt either, along with some liposomal encapsulated vitamin “C” to take down the inflammation quickly, which it did. (NOTE: $1,500 to pull a splinter!)

    Watch your backs, folks!

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