Pelosi on Hillary, Biden in 2016: ‘Aren’t We Blessed with Such a Great Supply of Riches?’

Nancy PelosiCNS News – by Elizabeth Harrington

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said her party is “blessed with such a great supply of riches” since Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are rumored to be running for president in 2016.

“They’re both wonderful,” she said Friday. “Aren’t we blessed with such a great supply of riches?”  

When asked during a press conference on Capitol Hill who she thinks the Republicans should put on the ballot in the next presidential election, Pelosi said she is more concerned about the work in Congress, because “we don’t have any results to show the American people.”

“Let me say this – and I say this with all the seriousness and respect for your question – it’s a long way off for us. We don’t even have a jobs bill six and a half months into this term,” Pelosi said.

“We don’t have any results to show the American people for what’s happening,” Pelosi said. “We have an election in 2014 that we don’t even really want to think in terms of, because we want to spend a year at least trying to get work done in this off year.

“And again, if we can win an immigration bill, win a gun—background check bill, if we can get a jobs bill, and all those things, it makes the urgency of even the 2004 election (sic) less urgent, to repeat the word,” she said. “So for us, 2014 is far enough off to get involved with what the Republicans should be doing.”

Pelosi also said she could give some names of bad candidates that she hopes the GOP picks in 2016.

“I could give you some names of people that I think would be great candidates, and how you should interpret it is, they wouldn’t be,” she said.

“They always say who’s the candidate you want? The one we didn’t get it,” Pelosi said.  “So I’d give you the names of people that we probably wouldn’t get.

“Anyway, I know that’s confusing,” she added.

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14 thoughts on “Pelosi on Hillary, Biden in 2016: ‘Aren’t We Blessed with Such a Great Supply of Riches?’

  1. This woman has some very serious mental problems, and should be removed from office immediately. All those in Kalifornia who keep voting for her should also have a mental checkup and be banned from ever voting again!

  2. Biden insulted every American that DID serve, by REFUSING to serve alongside them. FIVE DEFERMENTS. He REFUSED service, but Biden has NO QUALMS about cashing big paychecks that those who DIED never got to collect, and he sucks up every PERK and BENEFIT he can, on the DEAD BODIES of Americans.

  3. It’s hard to believe anyone even listens to these people, but I guess the American people are even dumber than I complain about them being.

    I’m getting tired. I hope things come to a head real soon.

    Between the tyranny, the poisoned food and medicine, the killer cops, and the chemtrails, we’re getting royally screwed from all sides, and if we don’t make a stand soon they’ll be perfectly happy to just watch us all die slowly.

    What might be in tomorrow’s chemtrail recipe? The final solution? How much time do we have left to discuss these things?

    1. About time for a supernova – yes, the easy way out, I know.

      But the Sun simply exploding would be much better than continued existance on this ever increasingly demonic planet we live.

      I am not for having the people of this planet be shipped out for slaughter later (FEMA gulags) or killed off in the slower aforementioned ways.

      Even a rebellion against the revolutionaries in America, the liberals that have enguaged in against the Constitution & liberty, would spell disaster for America & abroad.

      NWO is a great plan for the devilish tyrants that crave to determin who will live on their planet and who will be scrubbed (some 3 billion & counting) but not one I care to be on either side of…

    1. Consider the source, Miss Lube Rack 1955.
      If only she had maintained her looks, she could be selling lube jobs for Quaker State! Today she has a hard time selling anything but stupidity.

  4. I’ve run out of descriptors & names to identify this delusional broad. Time to retire her to the septic tank of this life.

  5. If Biden announces he will run for POTUS he will be eliminated (yes, as in killed) not long after. He is dumb enough to not realize such an obvious conclusion.

  6. Pelosi then excused herself in order to go and wipe the telltale brown smear off the end of her nose.

  7. Pelosi is prof that we need to set some minimum standards for anyone running for a political office. By prohibiting the incompetent and those with a criminal record, at least 80% of our problems would be solved.

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