Phone call leaked! All USA people need to see this! JULY 2016 The NEW WORLD ORDER Exposed!

Published on Jun 25, 2016 by @admtrainee – “The Truth Is Out There”

Finally FOX News showing more PROOF and EVIDENCES for MARTIAL LAW and FEMA! Leak!! People of America urgent news!! Public utility! Update to JUNE 2016! Real Scenes! This video is very important! NEW EVIDENCES – NEW PROOF! All American people need to see this! GOV LEAKED! FEMA CAMPS and MARTIAL LAW are coming in 2016!! All Americans need to watch this!! Let’s Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! make your part now, please share it! Because the Government Cover-up! Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video. MARTIAL LAW EMINENT APPROACH! MUST SEE!! URGENT VIDEO PUBLIC UTILITY! FEMA CAMPS IS REAL!! OBAMA IS LEAKED!

4 thoughts on “Phone call leaked! All USA people need to see this! JULY 2016 The NEW WORLD ORDER Exposed!

  1. Poser? Really? Could it be the enemy will also become these psy-op infiltrators? as with Dave Hodges wanting us to vote for Trump?

    She could be right, but she has lied and fear-mongered so long I simply cannot believe her anymore.

  2. Susanne Posel is a known Zionist shill, and she’s pushing nonsense here with no verification of what she’s claiming.

    She’s not revealing anything you don’t already know, or furthering the cause in any way, but instead she’s employing the same fear-mongering tactics we see from Dave Hodges, Alex Jones, et al.

    What supports her claim that we have 72 hours before TSHTF after a bank-targeted computer virus? (for starters)

    A lot of fear mongering here, with absolutely nothing to support her claims, and a long history of being a Zionist shill.

    Shut your pie-hole, Susanne. Everyone knows you’re full of what the cat covers over. You may as well strap on the high-heels, fishnet stockings, and the red, poly-vinyl-chloride mini-skirt, because you lack any shred of credibility, and have no business reporting “news” to anyone but idiots.

  3. Say what you will, she brings up some good points. Just look around you and see what’s happening on a daily basis. What I do know is this, there are millions of citizens that will not comply, stand down or bullied by any force. I also believe that there are millions that are ready for this fight should it be brought to us.

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