5 thoughts on “Piers Morgan clip where he is ADVOCATING VIOLENCE WITH MACHINE GUNS!!!

  1. Threatening Violence to further your political cause is TEXTBOOK TERRORISM. Piers Morgan should be DEPORTED now because he has gone beyond “free speech” and is now engaging in TERRORISM.

    1. Deport back to the UK? NO! There are good people in the streets of the UK if not in the palaces.

      Piers should be EXPORTED to a DESERTED island in the Antarctic. Please make sure there are no penguins or other creatures for this cretin to molest.

      If it were up to me I would leave him with a case of AR-15s (no ammo) in place of food.

  2. It is hard for me to get across how utterly reviled this man is in the UK. He is also wanted for questioning by the police for phone hacking and telling blatant lies to a judge. Please send him back so that he can be locked up.

    1. Too late Gutter Press, he is first going to face a tribunal here. I can’t say the outcome precisly but I’m sure there will be little but a rotting corpse left for you.

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