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The American government will collapse as soon as the dollar dies which should be in a matter of months. The dollar will not last until the next President takes office in January of 2017. The following are a series of ideas we need to discuss prior to the Day the Dollar Dies.

1) Eliminate the ability of the banks to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. Take over the Federal Reserve.  

2) Eliminate fractional reserve banking. Under this system banks are allowed to loan out a hundred dollars for every ten dollars they have in deposits. In the credit cycle on the way up those loans push a lot of investments into areas that people did not want. An example would be the building of over priced homes at a time when the government and Wall Street were shipping 12 million jobs overseas so nobody could make their payments. On the way down calling in loans creates the hell of the 1930s where farm and home mortgages were foreclosed starving millions to death during the Monetary Contraction.

If government through the reformed Federal Reserve is the only source of credit creation, the Treasury can spend 500 billion dollars into circulation every year without increasing prices. That is because prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to Goods and Services so if one increases at 5% the other can be increased at the same rate without the ratio or the price level changing. Of the $500 billion to be spent into circulation we could give the 50 states $100 billion a year to rebuild their infrastructure. And we could give an additional $100 billion a year in matching grants. US needs to repair the levees and dams, the bridges, the roads and water systems. I would allow them to use this money to build new schools and new roads so they can eliminate the need to sell bonds. This would create millions of high paying jobs. Another goal would be to remove property taxes on all owner occupied homes.

3) As part of Debt Cancellation, we would be giving every adult citizen not under custodial care $20,000 in credits against their debts. If they had no debts, then it would go to a retirement account under their name. I have a non-inflationary funding mechanism which I will mention in the Notes below.

4) As part of Bank and Monetary Reform, we should make government debt illegal. That would include state and local governments. It would make the goal of abolishing property taxes on owner occupied homes easier to achieve.

5) We could allow married couples to use their $40,000 in credits to make a down payment on homes that are physically and financially sound.

6) We could get the local governments to sign an agreement to allow Urban Homesteading. Homes and small businesses that had been abandoned and boarded up should be given away through a lottery to local residents. Like the original Homestead Act these homes and businesses need to be occupied by the people making the claim. No quick resale for a profit. This program will turn around neighborhoods that used to be run by drug gangs.

7) We need Voter ID cards that like a credit card  interact with an online database. Millions of votes are stolen every year. Millions of people vote multiple times. This has to stop. The government has to guarantee us that they were elected honestly.

8) We cannot pay out welfare, Food Stamp and other benefits to illegal aliens. In fact legal aliens should only be accepted if they can support themselves. No benefits for illegals without Voter ID cards. They can self-deport themselves. We can even arrange a program of incentives to help them go home.

9) We have over 30 million government workers at the federal, state and local level if you count contractors and grantees. We need to get value out of these people. Reduce the number of programs by combining several from different departments into one. Examples would be Food Stamps. Take all the money from the Earned Income Tax Credit, Food Stamps, Housing subsidies and dozens of other programs and get them into 2 easy to administer programs.

Give every citizen who makes less than $11 an hour a credit through their employer from the IRS to make up the difference between their wages and $11 an hour. So a person making $8.50 an hour for 40 hours a week would receive $2.50 an hour credit for a total of $100.

Give the custodial parent $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. A married couple working 40 hours a week would receive $880 a week plus a thousand dollars a month for the first two children. That is $45,760 a year after taxes for a childless married couple and $57,760 a year if they have 2 or more children. These subsidies would not be available for illegal aliens and their children.

10) We need to make pensions illegal. All pensions or promises to pay you money in your retirement would be replaced by present day payments of money into your account at cooperatively owned institutions. This would shift power from Wall Street to your home town. Wall Street does not have nearly as much money as we do in our pension and retirement funds.

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) under a reformed system would be quite different than today. Instead of Wall Street taking 80% of the value for itself, corporations would sell us shares at a par value close to its actual value. Microsoft stock had a par value of $10 but sold for $50 so 80% of the stock value was stolen initially. Additionally, stock was given to Bill Gates and to Paul Allen that were far in excess of the value of their contributions to the company and to society.

We will never get control of the country until our economic power exceeds Wall Street’s. We could allow those cooperative trusts to make small loans, to issue credit cards and to sell simple insurance. These profits would go into retirement accounts.

11) Currently, the CIA is allowed to bring plane loads of cocaine and heroin into America which they sell together will illegal weapons to drug gangs. America has 1.4 million gang members. They are responsible for 80% of all violence. To reduce crime we could do the following:

A) Legalize cocaine, heroin and marijuana. This will take away more than a trillion dollars a year from criminals.

B) Punish membership in an organized criminal gang under RICO in special military courts where convictions are easy to obtain. 250,000 Foreign born criminals will flee the country rather than do ten years in prison. Street gangs will be dangerous if you legalize drugs. They will go into kidnapping and extortion. It is better to prepare now instead of waiting to figure out what to do after 150 children a day are kidnapped in Los Angeles county.

C) Use that spy gear to stop crime. Use those 1.8 gigapixel cameras to track all criminals in urban areas in real time. If someone runs out of a liquor store with their cash, you can track him all the way to his house where local police can pick him up.

D) Take all those FEMA camps and National Guard camps and turn them over to private charities with some cash grants. Give them younger gang members to educate better than our schools did. And rehabilitate them as well. We could pay for the laser treatments to remove gang tattoos.

12) America has 3,007 counties. Each county should be required to rewrite all MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) mortgages as regular ones with clear titles at a one time reduced rate. MERS was created to avoid taxes to local governments and to make the Mortgage Backed Securities fraud possible. The Bankers were selling home mortgage five times just as they did with that leased gold.

This will give 30 million plus homeowners with MERS mortgages clear titles which is something they do not presently have. At that same time we could start seizing title to all property owned by financial and war criminals. Every property owned by a corporation must reveal the names of the true owners. (See Notes.) This seized property would produce income to pay off pensions. Also to be seized would be stocks and bonds held by those same people.

14) If we end fractional reserve banking, the Treasury Department through the Federal Reserve would have to create credit to replace what the private banks had been making when they loaned out money.

We need to distinguish between new loans and existing loans. Existing loans even if rewritten would not be inflationary. Business, farm and home loans could be rewritten as combinations of credits from the Treasury and from the depositors at banks and at the cooperative trusts. The business loans could be get approval through the Small Business Administration and the farm loans from the Department of Agriculture.

America does not have enough small family owned farms. To encourage new farmers we need to loan them money at a near zero interest rate to build hothouses and aquaponics and to expand production of non-GMO crops.

15) To reduce costs of education we need to put college level courses, vocational training and grade school classes online.

16) America is facing extinction due to its reliance on nuclear power generated from plants situated on top of long overdue earthquake fault zones primarily in California and in the New Madrid area of the central states. Consider the fact that the San Francisco quake of 1906 threw a road in Marin county (just north of the city) 20 feet. America could have 8 Fukushima meltdowns over the next few years if the nuclear plants are not closed and the fuel rods removed. The current administration is closing down coal fired plants because it lists carbon dioxide as a pollutant. It is not. Open up the closed coal plants and take the nuclear power plants in the most dangerous areas down.

Nikola Tesla was a far better scientist than the more publicized Albert Einstein. Tesla invented alternating current electricity amongst other things. When he died more than 7 decades ago, the US government seized 155 boxes and crates of papers and lab equipment. There is reason to believe that the government has augmented the free energy production he mentioned.

We should take that Tesla energy method and implement it nationwide. This would cut utility bills by 2/3rds and save us from half a dozen or more Fukushimas on our soil.

17) We should take all of the scientific advances the Secret Government has and give them to new stock companies. The shares of these growth companies should be distributed to people who do not plan to retire for 15 years. There is reason to believe that the Secret Government has free or nearly free energy, a universal vaccine that improves your health, anti-gravity research, planes capable of flying 40,000 mph, material that can withstand the friction of flying 40,000 mph and a lot of other things worth billions of dollars. Give people in the right age brackets shares of stock and watch the shares split 7 times in 15 years.

Free energy would allow us to desalinate lots of water which could be used to raise the water tables in rural areas. This is critical to ending droughts.

18) In terms of health we need to do the following:

A) Remove everything in the food and water that harms our health. Fluoride lowers IQ and increases cancer by more than 700%. MSG and Aspartame make us eat more while giving us side effects we do not want. Vaccines have adjuvants that are harmful like Polysorbate 80 that sterilizes us. Bisphenol A is an estrogen mimicker that gives us cancer, makes us gain weight and reduces fertility. Chemtrails include substances that cause Alzheimers and poisons plants. Aluminum oxide is an accelerant that makes forest fires burn more intensely. It also kills plants. GMO food fed to lab animals turns them all into sterile runts within 3 generations. Stop feeding anti-biotics to farm animals. The war against us declared by Wall Street should come to an abrupt end. Ban all these things to improve our health and to reduce healthcare costs.

B) Test all drugs covered for insurance for their safety and efficacy against home remedies. Do not let Big Pharma conduct tests. Henceforth, let them supply drugs and pay for the home remedies. Test chemotherapy against DCA (Dichloroacetate) and also against sodium bicarbonate.  Or test Type II Diabetes drugs against vitamin D3 and cinnamon.

C) Require doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies to post a price list. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant that had no price list and charged one man ten dollars and another $150 for the same meal.

D) Make medical records private. Make it a felony to unlawfully possess someone else’s medical records.

19) I would repeal the laws that made corporations persons. Corporations should be given 20 year charters which would need renewal. Corporations should never be allowed to donate money to candidates. I would like to make all political offices non-partisan so the voters have to evaluate each candidate on their merits. Hopefully, each candidate would receive a list of questions to be answered in detail prior to the election.

20) We need to remove all of the financial and war criminals from power. Some need prosecution. Others should just suffer asset seizure and loss of voting rights. They could have Voter ID cards but their cards would not permit them to either vote or to hold certain offices.

We would need to seize every Foundation that participated in the war against us. The media and the film industry would have to be seized. And the schools would have to be completely overhauled.

21) We would ban Dual Citizenship.


I promised to give you some references about assets seizure and funding Debt Cancellation in the above article. I have decided to write another article in my series on an American military coup. Please come back in a few days to read it. I am writing it from a different perspective than the others. America is very close to collapse. And our enemies are thinking of ways to start WW III to cover the thefts of tens of trillions of dollars.

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  1. Plans for day after collapse,roll a few smokes,massage sore thumb after loading many magazines and split the seal on a bottle of Jack,welcome to the brave new world.

    1. Everybody head to James’ house! I have a bottle of bubbly that I have been saving for this occasion. See you then! 😉

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  2. After the forth time I read the word “give” I just skipped to the bottom. Wherein, I found James’ plans; which I’m going to go with.

  3. After this plan is put into place it might not be a bad idea to round up and imprison/execute the ones who’ve led the World to the brink of disaster….start with the World bankers whose ethnicity I should not mention to avoid being accused of being Anti-Something or other.
    By removing them from society and terminating their existence with a vengeance we could demonstrate they will never rise to any level of power again.

    1. Cory,agree and would hope the tech patriots could help out here with that.I live beyond the beginning(have to to keep promises)if any friends on business will take their families to safer places,if not that burden/obligation/promise am happy to keep will be useful cannon fodder,will see things happening cannot let slide and with no wife/kids ect. depending on me useful cannon fodder way to go.I will say that happens there is a note in Molle,use my stuff to help others and if no other use feed me to your dogs,will live on in spirit thru them in trying times!I will in times of strife even try and help those who didn’t listen to warnings,otherwise my time here is wasted.I hate that I even have to think this way and perhaps we can figure it out/fix it and I can go back to wearing a cool looking tin foil hat!Anyhow,if I cover above bases and still survive,well,party at my house!

  4. See? I was right. After the government collapses you’re gong to see the biggest party the world has ever known.

    Everyone’s already making plans for it.

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