Playing with water guns is now deemed ‘suspicious activity’ by police


DHS must be throwing office parties nationwide, as Americans call police to report kids playing the“Assassin” water gun game.

NH police, said the game poses a threat to public safety and has resulted in a rise in suspicious person calls. Neighbors are calling police to report ‘suspicious activity’.

“Police departments nationwide have seen the consequences of teenagers sneaking around with water guns…” East Kingston Chief Timothy J. Connell said.

DHS must be thrilled, as schools encourage students to snitch on anyone caught playing “Assassins.”

Hunter College High School is warning seniors it could ban them from prom or graduation — or even snitch to college admission officers — if they’re caught playing a popular toy-gun game in or near the school building.”

“You should be aware that any students found playing the game within the school or in the immediate vicinity of the building will receive disciplinary consequences” Hunter College High School Principal Tony Fisher said.

In 2015 the dangerous “Assassins” game lasted for two weeks in San Francisco, where anyone could be a target!

The SF Gate reported, the only “safe zones” for participants are the city block in which they work, all public transit, hospitals and government buildings and inside bars (but not restaurants). So if you’re walking down the street and someone charges by with a super soaker, you know why.

WikiHow describes how to play “Assassin” using Super Soakers, socks, water balloons etc.

“Commonly used weapons are sharpies, spoons, nerf and water guns, toy swords, cardboard tubes, water balloons, socks, etc.”

image credit: WikiHow

Let that sink in, people across the country are calling police to report kids with water balloons, super soakers etc. 

Please America, stop living in fear! That kid with a water balloon isn’t a SUSPICIOUS PERSON!

13 thoughts on “Playing with water guns is now deemed ‘suspicious activity’ by police

  1. Oh my! My grandson keeps all of his nerf guns and water pistols in my hall closet for when he comes over to play. Would that be considered an ‘arsenal’? Oh and the syrafoam ammo, hundreds of them! LOL Merica, land of the free… Um never mind.

  2. “Please America, stop living in fear! That kid with a water balloon isn’t a SUSPICIOUS PERSON!”

    Please, America; stop living in utter stupidity, and try to occasionally entertain a thought that wasn’t drummed into your empty head by the television.

    The thought police are trying to wipe out any pastime that involves anything that resembles a firearm.

  3. Venezuela outlawed private ownership of guns in 2012
    Look at the mess they are in now
    Nuff said?
    From my cold dead hands

  4. P. C. shaming at it’s best,any behavior that that uses a gun ideogram ,bad,,, not bad but bordering on a psychological demented behavior! You wouldn’t want a cop to shoot your kids because your paranoid neighbor saw a gun! You should be ashamed of yourselves and be reeducated! And if swat isn’t there to shut down the terrorist threat, you were responsible for,,, and a hapless street officer is called to quell the emergency, he has only had 2 micro seconds to make a snap judgment because he feared for his life! Unless of course the kids are muslim then it is culturally ok ,they were only practicing killing infidels!

  5. Youtube
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  6. Suspicious person. Anyone using that phrase to describe an individual is probably a communist and a traitor.

  7. “… people across the country are calling police to report kids with water balloons, super soakers etc.”

    Stupidity abounds.

    1. Remember when they suspended that kid for biting his peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the shape of a gun?

      Insanity abounds!

  8. Mean while, back at the jihadist training camp near Texas, the real enemy is training 3-14 year olds how to field strip an AK-47.

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