Pocket Dial To 911 Leads Texas Border Cops To $2.5 Million in Cocaine


MCALLEN, Texas — Texas Border Sheriff is checking up on an accidental  911 ended up arresting three men and seizing close to $2.5 million in cocaine bricks.

Deputies with the Starr County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call where no one responded to the dispatcher’s efforts to assess the situation, information released to Breitbart Texas by the sheriff’s office shows.  
Deputies tracked the call which came from a cell phone in the rural border town of Alto Bonito. While trying to assess the nature of the call, deputies got a search warrant and ended up finding close to 65 pounds of cocaine inside the home. Investigators also seized more than $20,000 in bulk cash inside two vehicles that had been parked outside.

Homeowner Gilberto Lopez, his son Michael Lopez and his nephew Humberto Lopez all ended up at the Starr County Jail on drug trafficking charges.

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