PODESTA Hired At Washington Post?? (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Hires Pervert)

Published on Feb 24, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

The Washington Post hires world-class pervert JOHN PODESTA as a newspaper reporter! Podesta is a huge deviant — caught in the Pizzagate scandal, so why is Podesta writing for The Washington Post?

Meanwhile, Washington Post launches their new kooky advertising slogan — and gets busted buying fake web traffic to make the WashPost site seem “active.” 59% of Washington Post traffic is FAKE — coming from web bots in China where almost nobody speaks English!

What is Jeff Bezos (Washington Post’s owner) doing? Why does Bezos have a $600 Million contract with CIA (via his company Amazon), and why did Bezos just hire a known pervert (Podesta) to write for his newspaper?

HALF of Washington Post Traffic is FAKE:

John Podesta Kidnapped Madeleine McCann?

Wikileaks BUSTS McCain:

One thought on “PODESTA Hired At Washington Post?? (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Hires Pervert)

  1. WikiLeaks has just released some more Podesta emails.
    These include some of his future columns for the Post
    Working titles are:
    Satan, Satan. Wherefore art thou Satan?
    Human blood; not just for breakfast anymore?
    How to start your own satanic coven.
    Baby. The other other white meat.
    Ginsu 2 and you.
    10 easy steps to making your own child sacrifice.
    How to rape and murder children and get away with it.
    6 easy ways to write using human blood.
    4 essential things for corrupting the innocent.
    Blackmailing law enforcement: Best practice treatise.

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