Police: Man who shot burglar charged with voluntary manslaughter

Fox 8 – by Darcie Loreno

AKRON, Ohio — Police have charged an Akron man with voluntary manslaughter after he allegedly shot and killed a home invasion suspect earlier this month.

According to a release from Akron police, David Hillis, 21, of Hilbish Avenue, was arraigned Monday morning in Akron Municipal Court and then booked into Summit County Jail.

He’s accused of shooting and killing burglary suspect Marcus Glover, 25, of Akron, on Aug. 7.  

A second burglary suspect, who police say was with Glover, has also been arrested.

Terry Tart, 37, of Akron, faces charges of aggravated burglary and murder.

Police say Glover and Tart forced their way into Hillis’ home and threatened Hillis at gunpoint.

Hillis then pulled a gun, and fired shots as Glover and Tart were running away, police say. Glover was killed.

Police say Glover’s death was “a proximate cause of Terry Tart and Glover committing the aggravated burglary together.


5 thoughts on “Police: Man who shot burglar charged with voluntary manslaughter

  1. Ohio has gone to hell!
    I got the hell out of there.
    It is going to be the next big state to go full tilt down the drain.
    Hell they are all getting there but Ohio has judges and courts and cops that all should be in jail or hung for treason!
    One of the worst places I have every lived. And I know a lot of L.E.O.s there.
    Glade I did not get on there bad side. They are all hugs with guns and badges.

  2. So ARMED criminals are free to break into anyone’s home, threaten the homeowner with a gun and then be considered victims if they are shot in the back while trying to escape? Oh, that’s right, only the gestapo thugs with badges are allowed to shoot people in the back.

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