15 thoughts on “Police Officer Gets Beatdown While People Watch And Record The Incident

  1. after the vid clips and the boo-hoo sheriff dude the host makes many excellent points -> Right On to the host for speaking ‘out loud’ the reasons why the cops got little or no help.

    Perhaps the people didn’t want to get shot…??

    1. “Perhaps the people didn’t want to get shot…??”

      Excellent point; how many times have good Samaritans been arrested and/or shot for offering assistance (or possibly in this case, the fall-guy charged with assault of a police officer… just for trying to help) ??

      This Sheriff should question WHY people are fighting back and resisting Unwarranted Arrest. He should also be glad this assaulting black dude didn’t use a knife.

      I’m sorry… but I cannot find sympathy for Law Enforcement any more. I will admit that only a fraction of cops use excessive force but their tyrannical actions overshadow the good cops. Furthermore, the police don’t seem to be trying to improve their public image. Therefore, we must conclude that they actually want us to fear them, rather than revere them as protective Public Servants.

  2. Right on Cynicles.
    He [the Chief] said; “we rely on people to help, and we’re not getting that”

    Uh, Gee, let’s go figure?? That’s a real stumper!

  3. Kudos to the bystanders.

    To the cops – quit whining. that’s NOTHING compared to what you murderous scumbags have coming soon.

  4. Post SWAT teams on every corner. Bring in the tanks and armored vehicles. More guns and ammo. Make these law abiding citizens pay for looking the other way. We live in a Fascist Police State and let’s keep it that way!

  5. squeal piggy squeal

    awwww, no one came to your aid huh? gee I wonder why?

    wake up a$$ Hole! its because you guys beat us with impunity every day
    we want to see how you guys liked it…didn’t go so well for ya did it


    can we get a little more of this? maybe some head kicks..
    time to wakey wakey mr piggy…were sick of you and your S*iT that’s why

  6. Its a wonder that more people didn’t join in the ass-whipping that the cops got.
    as for me/no sympathy for the idiots. if they want help then they should have
    NOT crossed the line a long time ago when it comes to disrespecting people.

  7. My heart bleeds. Maybe if cops stopped tazing, beating,
    lying on the witness stand they’d get more respect from
    the public. Not to mention the cops charming habit of shooting
    dogs and their owners. Cops aren’t acting like peace officers
    but an occupying army and sooner or later people are going to
    start reacting to it.

  8. I’m sorry they didn’t kill the pig, and the narrator’s wrong for saying “it’s not all of them”.

    It IS all of them, because they work in an environment that encourages brutality, and have bosses and a legal system that never holds them accountable for their actions, so even though they may join the police force with the best of intentions, they’re eventually conditioned to become thugs tasked with beating the American people into submission.

    The lying police chief pretends to be shocked that passers-by didn’t call 9-1-1 to help the stinkin’ pig, but what they should have been doing is helping to beat that pig senseless.

  9. I have stated it before COP’s are PUSSIES 1 on 1! If someone would have come to aid of the cop and back-up arrived they would have been beaten down by other cops because they would have no idea what was going on or if the bystander that tried to help was injured the line from the cop’s would have been they should have not intervened. Philly is as corrupt as they come lived there know some of the corrupt cop’s personally!

  10. Bahahahahaha! Hilarious. No one helps the cops and they fear for their officers. Welcome to the club, PIGS! Now you know how We the People feel. It’s different when people start fighting back, isn’t it? And you expect us to feel sorry for you after you beat, tase and murder our loved ones? They’re pathetic.

    Shit, I’m surprised the people didn’t join in and beat the shit out of the cop. It’s not like he’s gonna remember all of their faces. Especially when he’s getting beaten left and right by a dozen people.

    What goes around comes, around. It’s about damn time.

    In any case, I think this is the campaign the elite are attempting to run now in order to further push the boundaries between We the People and the police, so they can further implement more draconian police state laws and so on. Either way, it’s only gonna get worse.

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