Police officer shot and killed in line of duty while serving search warrant to suspect

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A California police officer has been killed in the line of duty and another one injured after they were shot while serving a search warrant.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. at an apartment complex in San Luis Obispo, California — approximately 10 miles north of Pismo beach — when the two officers arrived at the residence on Camellia Court, off of Margarita Avenue near South Higuera Street in the city, according to a statement issued by the city of San Luis Obispo.

It is unclear how the incident began other than, at some point, the suspect opened fire on the two San Luis Obispo Police Department officers while they were serving a search warrant, according to ABC News’ Los Angeles station KABC.

One San Luis Obispo officer was killed in the shootout. A second officer was injured and transported to an area hospital where the officer is in stable condition and expected to survive.

The gunman was killed at the scene after the two officers returned fire on the suspect.

The officer who was killed has not yet been identified by the department.

“This is a tragedy beyond measure for all of those who serve and care about our community,” said Derek Johnson, San Luis Obispo City Manager. “Our deepest condolences go out to the family. We are devastated by this loss,” he added.

The apartment complex currently remains off-limits to the public as investigators continue to process the scene of the crime and speak with witnesses.

Authorities say there is no threat to public safety at this time and have asked people to avoid the area while they conduct their investigation. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.


10 thoughts on “Police officer shot and killed in line of duty while serving search warrant to suspect

  1. This guy was having nothing to due with the bs admiralty, unlawful policy warrant by one of their corporate enforcers in violation of our procedural due process contained in our BILL OF RIGHTS.
    Cops CAN’T even exist lawfully!

  2. Exactly, keep up the big lies, Not a tragedy by any means

    It is high time all the enforcers start to realize that you do not get to violate the bill of rights..!!

    Don’t care about your BS reasons and rationale for your actions.

    You are all part of a criminal enterprise that has usurped our people’s laws and you are the bad guys.

    It is the Law dumbfks! Learn it.

    Turn your authority and guns on the people sending you to your doom…!

    Wait till you dumb dumbs start getting ordered to go full Stasi at Will

    All the poor hero’s that are gonna fall hard and just trying to make these evil people wear “Their” masks or take “their” Vaccines

    Silly rabbits !!!

  3. there’s a lot missing here
    and yeah i bet they were serving a legitimate warrant , uhhuh sure , not that that matters anyways , this is the welcome matt you guys all asked for , we didnt start this shit , but we dam sure will end it

    this time it was 1.5 to 1 , you lost .. again ,.. the .5 brown shirt will likely take his exit cash and no longer be a pig .. so 2 for 1 actually

    how many more times are you willing to face the reality of your past and future actions upon we the people ?
    doesn’t look like yer team is fairing too well
    there’s a reason for the Gadsden flag and its meaning .. learn it fools

    BTW your paper isn’t worth wiping yer ass with , so quit thinking it holds any power over a True US National

    Long Live The Bill of Rights MF’ers

    my condolences to the past patriot, you knew there was no other way out .. we all do

    1. warrant, like democracy.. laws.. citizen.. conspiracy theorist.. the list is long… has been perverted as a catch all to cover whatever they want it to cover.. the 4th article says specific areas to be searched and specific items they’re looking for.. anything in the whole fukin house (or car) is NOT specific!! .. of course nevermind the unlawfulness of it all anyway.. It’s hard to talk about!! point is.. your’e sposta feel bad.. he was just serving a warrant.. that’s all.. boo hoo.. killed on a routine traffic stop.. boo hoo. FUKEM ALL DEAD!! I’m so goddamm sick of it all!!

  4. Patriot kills armed robber/tyrant/pirate/road agent/communist… in line of Duty.. to country and fellow man.

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