Police Security Towers Popping up all over the Dallas, TX Area

For those of you living in the Dallas, TX area, I wanted to relay this information to you (and anyone else interested in this intel) because I have noticed an over-abundance of Police security towers, such as the one in the picture left, in parking lots in Mckinney, Fairview, Allen, Richardson and Dallas.

The police security towers started showing up after Thanksgiving last year (2013), starting with one in Mckinney at a Target shopping plaza off of the 121. Supposedly, they were trying to use those in case Black Friday got out of hand in the parking lot.  

However, instead of taking it away afterwards, they of course, just kept them there, almost as if they planned it that way. I’m sure they will use the excuse of “Well, we don’t have any place to put it, so we are just going to keep it there for the time being. I’m sure we’ll find a use for them eventually. No worries.”

So, if that’s the case, then why do I keep seeing another tower or two popping up in shopping areas in different parts of Dallas almost every two weeks. The next month I saw one in Plano (Costco), Northpark Mall (Dallas), Fairview, Allen, Richardson and just the other day, I saw ANOTHER one pop up in Mckinney in a plaza off of West Louisiana St.

The map below shows the location of just a few of them that I can remember off hand, most of them lined up around the Highway 75.


I don’t know about you, but these things are popping up like flies and like many things in our government, once it is put in place, they will NEVER take it away unless we take it away by force.

In addition to that, two days ago (1/14/14), I noticed from 12pm-1pm (lunchtime as I was doing some errands) up and down University Ave (the 380) that I counted 7 different kinds of police cars driving up and down the road pulling different people over for tickets almost as if it were a lunchtime crackdown. I never saw anything like it. I went from one intersection to the next and just kept seeing them circling around. One from Prosper, another from Frisco, another from Mckinney.  Some weren’t even in their jurisdiction, but managed to wander around that road looking out their windows at any driver that passed by, stalking them with their hawk-eyed stares behind their dark sunglasses, just for an excuse to pull someone over. It was insane!

It was almost as if they were competing for funds in order to get the latest DHS toy for their precinct and it wasn’t even the first of the month but the 14th of the month. What the hell?

I’m guessing after each police department in these areas buys one of these police towers, they will move on to the infamous police tanks that have been appearing here and there in some towns around the U.S.  You know, the tanks that police precincts in Florida don’t need and say it’s basically overkill, but buy anyways.

See here:  http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/cops-use-armored-military-vehicles-to-deliver-shock-and-awe-during-routine-police-work/71903

Maybe that’s what those cops the other day were competing for. I wouldn’t put it passed them.  It’s nice to know that they care about serving and protecting us people, so much so that they have to extort more money out of us everytime we go out.

It’s like I tell my friends, when I go out, instead of looking for criminals, I’m looking for cops; instead of evading criminals, I’m evading the cops; and finally instead of battling the criminals, I’m battling the cops.

It’s ironic that the people who are supposed to help protect us are the very people who are now the criminals themselves.

It will never end, unless WE THE PEOPLE put an end to it. When is enough going to be enough?


20 thoughts on “Police Security Towers Popping up all over the Dallas, TX Area

  1. Oh well they are a bigger target than we are. Soak that sucker in gas and torch that toy of theirs. Yea, the cops just do not know when enough is enough. Time to put a stop to their terroristic antics. Yea, how about a pig roast. 😯 😎

    1. There you go, Travis.

      See guys, I’m not joking! They are all over the place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in parking lots of Walmart, Target, Costco, shopping malls and so on. It’s insane! Like one big concentration camp. All they need are soldiers with rifles pointed out of them and you have yourself a prison camp.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    First – Comes the police state

    Second – then comes the control towers

    Third – then comes the concentration camps (FEMA Camps)

    Fourth – finally, the Mass-Exterminations

    Have we learned nothing from history?

    JD – US Marines – These towers are the forerunners of Mobile Concentration/Extermination Camp Control Towers.

  3. I can’t get a close look at the thing in this picture, but you may be able to release the hydraulic fluid from the outriggers on one side and watch the thing tip over.

  4. Yeah, I would sure hate to be up in one of those if shat really hit the fan. And disabling/destroying one of those mobile pork ovens with the fancy tires ain’t so hard either. It’s one of the things they teach you in Infantry Basic.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

    1. Yep Slug D., and then we could just sit backand watch the bastards as they gather around the mobil pork oven to be catchin` flying lead :mrgreen: 😎

  5. Years ago in one of Britain’s roughest places, Manchester, CCTV cameras were mounted sixty feet atop metal posts where the police thought they’d be untouchable. All the locals did was steal buses and reverse them at speed into the poles to bring them down. There are plenty of vehicles which could do the same to those towers.

    I think it is important early on that it is made clear that these towers are dangerous to their occupants, to make their use impractical.

  6. Lots of good ideas here today…I was thinking a grappling hook snagged up high tied to some strong hemp rope and a truck would bring these towers down really easy.Let leverage and gravity do most of the work.

  7. Make it a new TX sport, like cow tipping or as they did in the movie American Graffiti, chain the cop car axle to the tower at shift change.
    Here in AZ a “deranged” individual made it …unfun… to sit IN a radar camera van. Strangely enough the average Arizonian was NOT scandalized.

  8. I live 30 min. from Hickory, NC (25,000) and there is one at the big Wally World. I took a picture and almost got arrested. The Gestapo started walking toward me, I just got into my car and drove off. The look on his face was great.

    1. Good one Darkwing. Yea, expose, record, and let it be known to all about the commie cop toys and tactics. They try to intimidate, threaten, arrest, and harrass people and it is time to get their faces on camera and video – if possible – and expose them for all the world to see. One way or another, it is time to get down to business and make them pay in whatever way possible that it takes. 😎

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