Police urge Exeter High seniors to quit playing ‘Assassins’ game

Union Leader – by Jason Schreiber

EXETER – Local police and school officials are urging Exeter High School seniors to stop playing a game called “Assassins” amid growing safety concerns and an increase in police calls for suspicious activity.

The game has been targeted by police in the past and is once again causing alarm as the school year winds down and seniors grab water guns to play the game.  

“Assassins” is a game that’s well known on high school and college campuses and involves teams of students who go after their assigned targets with water guns. In the end, the last team that manages to avoid getting squirted wins the game.

While some students have argued that the game is harmless fun and a way to bond and enjoy time together before the year ends, several local police chiefs and School Administrative Unit 16 Superintendent Michael Morgan are sounding the alarm.

According to officials, students in the area are dressing in dark clothing and sneaking around local residences late at night and early in the morning to pursue their targets.

Police said the game poses a threat to public safety and has resulted in a rise in suspicious person calls.

In some cases, officials said, parents of the students may be aware of the game but their neighbors aren’t, prompting them to call police to report suspicious activity.

“SAU 16 is aware of the game being played by students who attend Exeter High School. This is of serious concern not only for school officials but also for police officials and parents,” Morgan said in a press release, adding that “in this day and age of violence and the constant media reports of shootings, the harm that this game could cause to a family or community is devastating.”

Police said that often times students drive away from scenes erratically, increasing the odds of a traffic stop and motor vehicle violation.

In some cases, they said, accidents have occurred in other parts of the country that have resulted in charges.

“This game is not only dangerous to students, but also poses a safety concern for responding officers. I caution against parents allowing their students to play. There are other ways for the senior class to come together,” Exeter Police Chief William Shupe said.

Stratham Police Chief John Scippa said police don’t want to dampen celebrations surrounding graduation, but are trying to keep people safe.

“Our community is not the only one affected by this game. Police departments nationwide have seen the consequences of teenagers sneaking around with water guns and other fake weapons, all in a manner of good fun,” East Kingston Chief Timothy J. Connell said.


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4 thoughts on “Police urge Exeter High seniors to quit playing ‘Assassins’ game

  1. I don’t believe that people are calling the police over water fights in the summer.

    This is just a crack-down on any amusement involving anything that resembles a firearm, so the commies can stamp those thoughts out of our culture too, but in order to get away with it, they have to claim that the public is concerned.

  2. “… the harm that this game could cause to a family or community is devastating.”

    Only to the communists. It might inspire people to actually fight back.

    Especially since it won’t be a game soon.

  3. Time to disband the pigs and have people take care of their own safety.

    I played this game in school many moons ago and it was a blast.

    These ‘jew’ trained pigs want everyone to be helpless palestinians on the ‘jew’ owned plantation of death. Fun of any sort is not allowed.


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