Poll Finds Almost HALF Of Americans Want Vaccine Passports

Summit News – by Steve Watson

A Rasmussen poll has revealed that almost half of Americans support the introduction of vaccine passports in order to get “back to normal.”

The findings were released over the Easter period, and noted that 44% of Americans said that a government run system requiring proof of vaccination is a “good idea.” 

Fewer, 41%, said they think vaccine passports are a bad idea.

While some described the 44% figure as “weak,” others pointed out it is still far too high:

The poll dovetails with similar findings in the UK, where a majority of 62% said they would support the mandating of vaccine passports to visit pubs or restaurants, while only 22% opposed the idea.

An even higher figure, 78% said they would mandate the vaccine passport for international travel, while 61% said it should be required to attend sports games and 58% said it should be mandated for public transport.

The findings in the U.S. come as it was confirmed that the Biden regime is working with major corporations to develop a country-wide vaccine passport, and after New York has begun the rollout of its own vaccine passport system.

In addition, the FBI is warning people against fake vaccine passports or COVID-19 vaccination cards.

As National File reported, the Biden administration is working with major corporations to develop a vaccine passport system that would require Americans to take one of the controversial vaccines and receive a vaccine passport to engage in commerce.

The passport system is also being pushed by the mainstream media, with the likes of the L.A. Times declaring that vaccine passports are a “good idea” because they will help the Biden administration “break the resistance down.”

Some lawmakers have vowed to resist the introduction of vaccine passports, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has signed an executive order banning them in the state, and revealed that he is working with the Florida legislature to institute a permanent ban.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that the Biden administration aims to force all Americans to have Covid-19 vaccine passports, comparing it to the “mark of the beast” prophesied in the Bible.

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9 thoughts on “Poll Finds Almost HALF Of Americans Want Vaccine Passports

  1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it ended up the ones getting the vaccines being denied travel and jobs because of getting the vaccine and the side effects of it

  2. Sorry, I don’t believe polls…any polls! Could be poll was manufactured and never actually took place, but the media will do anything to try to cajole folks into getting “vaccinated.”

    As for “mark of the beast,” I don’t think it is, but it is a precursor so to speak. They’re just trying to force compliance, period.

    In the latest on these “passports,” the Royal Caribbean cruise line will require them for employees as well as cruisers. This cruise line is owned by the Royal Family of Norway… black nobility, maybe?

  3. New poll shows no f-king way half the people in this country are that f-king stupid.
    Anybody who thinks 340 million individuals can be judged by polling even a million, if the poll was even real, is a goddamn fool.
    The real poll will be made with hot lead, so let’s get to f-king polling.

  4. Nothing will ever be normal again if you take the covid ☠️ shot . The shot is a ticking time bomb waiting for a detnator

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