Pollard and Israel gave Soviets nuclear first strike Intel

Veterans Today – by Jim W. Dean

The time has come to finally wrap up the Jonathan Pollard affair. I agree with former Israeli education minister Amnon Rubinstein that, “It is not humane to keep him in jail any longer.” The Israelis plan to put the hunger squeeze on Obama during his trip.

I agree. It is not humane to the American people to keep Pollard in jail. He should be executed for his high treason, one so horrendous that most of the damage is still classified.  

But if he was released I suspect it would be leaked to expose to the American people the full story of his treason which would have killed millions of Americans.

Pollard does deserve to be released…not out into freedom which he does not deserve, but to the infernal regions, which he does. And for all those eminent Israelis who plan to go on a hunger strike during the President’s trip, I would like to air ship bottled water to them with the caveat that they guarantee they will carry their hunger strike out all the way to the end or I get my money back.

As for ex-CIA director James Woolsey, who knows about the classified file, and former secretaries of State George Shultz and Henry Kissinger who support the Pollard release I have nothing but utter contempt. They have also betrayed the American people, and cheaply so. They stain their generation with shame, but maybe that is not such a bad thing when it comes to Israel because this all happened under their watch.

Here is what is being held back in the classified files on Pollard. The claims that Pollard was just giving Israeli material on Arab countries, with the inference that the U.S. should have been supplying this to Israeli anyway was just the cover story.

The Israelis at the time, enjoying their ‘special relationship’ with American, were spying for the Soviets. They were tasked with providing them first strike intelligence against the United States.

That’s right folks, a nuclear first strike. Our wonderful Israeli friends had hooked up with the Commies to do America in.

The Soviets knew that the Israelis did not have as many of our counter intelligence assets assigned to watching them as did the Soviets. And if there was a problem and Pollard got burned, the Israelis would provide cover for the Soviets, which is exactly what happened.

Let’s stop for a minute to make sure you understand clearly what being tasked to get first strike intelligence meant. Do you think that the Soviets might have wanted it to use at some point in the future if a bad situation arose, a kind of an ace in the hole they could pull out? That would be dead wrong.

First strike information would have a limited lifespan as codes get changed over time and the mission which obtained it might be compromised in a way that the thieves might not be aware of immediately. The only reason to go after the information is because you plan to use. But the key to that is being reasonably assured that the ‘mutual destruction’ retaliation could be defeated.

We are talking about the end of America here folks. That was the game in play and the Israelis obviously had a piece of the action. Somehow they assumed there would be enough of world left to make it worth the risk. Gosh, do you think the Israelis would have wanted control over all the Mid East as their cut on the deal?

Pollard was able to give them the naval submarine codes and the ability to defeat our land based missiles. Then only deterrence that we would still have had secure control over were our nuclear bombers, which of course would have been targeted in the first strike.

Are you getting the picture now why the FBI and CIA top echelons threatened Bill Clinton with mass resignations when he was within a hair of letting Pollard go to buy himself some extra retirement benefits from you know who? But they also had another reason.

Pollard had also turned over to the Israelis our entire East European agents and assets network lists that represented a generation of intelligence work to build up. Around 1100 of these people were arrested, tortured, and many of them executed. This was the intelligence failure of all human history, which no American government could admit to for the incompetence that it showed.

And what was that you ask? It was very simple actually. Designed into the system was not having nearly enough manpower and budgeting to be monitoring the finances of all those working in highly sensitive positions. Our system at the time would only trigger such a close look AFTER suspicious activity had been reported. It was not an integral routine security procedure.

Many of the major domestic spy scandals we have had showed that most of them could have been picked up and stopped with nothing more sophisticated than reviewing expenditures far in excess of the particular spy’s income.

Jonathan Pollard was just one case. He was not discovered until a coworker made a suspicion report. A spy camera in his office was used to nail him but his financial records showed the whole story.

Even after Pollard this not routinely checking people’s finances security hole remained opened for others to use.

I will let you consider for yourselves whether that was an oversight, or whether we had been penetrated at a level where someone wanted that vulnerability to remain open, as it had for Pollard.

You might be asking why the Israelis cared so much about this one man to risk constantly embarrassing American presidents and our intelligence services for his release. His handler at the Israeli embassy said later that if he had been there when Pollard came in he would have just put two bullets in his head and sent him downstairs for the acid bath treatment.

They don’t care about Pollard really. They care about all the current spies they have working for them in America to visibly see that if they get caught that Israel has promised to never stop doing all that it can to get them released. They even gave Pollard’s wife a million dollars when she moved to Israel as an example.

The Zios also show they are not afraid to put some of their prime ‘assets’ on display, the likes of Woolsey, Schultz, Kissinger, and even Hillary Clinton has signed on for Pollard’s release. And those in Congress who would support it are too numerous to count. The loyal security community is just sickened by all this.

What this does is display Israel’s power in America to demoralize mid level government workers they are trying to compromise. If they resist, the Zios chastise them for being naive dummies and point to all the well heeled top officials they have on the string. They even brag about being able to get promotions for those who play ball with them, and punish those who don’t, the carrot and stick close.

Abe ‘da Fox’ Foxman

One example of this is the ADL, Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League, long suspected by the American Intel community of being an asset for Israeli intelligence. The ADL has been lecturing at the FBI training academy for many years about domestic threat groups, which exclude them by the way.

In effect this puts the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on them and makes it very easy for the ADL to approach young FBI agents later to ‘help the out’ now and then because ‘we are on the same side.’

One of their hooks is their well known career assistance post retirement from the government, a differed compensation spy payment plan that even senior military officers and Congresscritters have partaken.

But we aren’t on the same side with the Zios. Israel is a major national security risk to all Americans. And so are all the American traitors who aid and abet their intelligence and subversion activities here which include, but are not limited to, espionage involving our military, weapons development, political subversion, academic, and media.

Jonathan Pollard and Israel offered our corpses on a silver platter to the Soviet Communists. If I could press a button I would put all the Israelis in the camps for 65 years, let the Palestinians take over all of their homes, and then subject the Israelis to what they have dished out to their victims…arrests, torture, and poverty. I have my own peace plan for the Mid East. Do onto Israel what Israel has done unto others.

But since I lost my button, let us start with sanctions, across the board. And let us work toward any politician who promises undying support for Israel, to be treated as a traitor to his oath of office. For the sake of our children and grand children we must pry the devil’s fingers from our throats.

We must make common bond with all the victims of militant Zionism and their traitorous allies everywhere they can be found. George Bush said we would hunt down all those who have attacked America wherever they are. It’s the only thing I ever agreed with him on. We have the Israelis permission. They are already doing it to us and they don’t aim to stop…until we stop them.

Don’t miss Gordon’s reprint of his 2010 story on Pollard, where much of my material was draw from. And I might add folks that we never get a call from corporate media wanting to give us air time on this issue, nor do any of the Jewish Lobby groups ever call to debate…never.


3 thoughts on “Pollard and Israel gave Soviets nuclear first strike Intel

  1. This doesn’t just affect America, it also affects Britain, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other nations that share intelligence or work within NATO, the fact that the Soviets could have walked literally into Europe after obliterating the US shows the huge gravity of what is being swept under the carpet.

    With friends like Israel… who needs enemies?

  2. Now here is something to think about, has anyone not noticed how Israel has managed to inveigle itself into controlling positions of enormous importance to nations?

    In the US, Israeli’s guard the laboratories and arsenals of the US Nuclear Weapons, wonder how many little secrets walk out the door there as remember every Israeli citizen is expected to act as spy for its “motherland”…

    Here in the UK, they guard the Queen, not the police, not the army but a quasi shifty company that is a front for Israeli interests, now my immediate thought was when reading that some time back in the Guardian was guarding? Or holding hostage? Let us not mince about here as that country threatened Putin, threatening an old has-been like the UK is childs play but maybe explain why Britain is almost fawning in its Israeli sycophancy.

    I expect you will find more in Canada and other “western” nations and across the board no doubt there is the threat of banking warfare, collapsing of the economies of these nations who don’t play ball, when one of the Rothschild’s was caught red handed with a huge amount of heroin during John Major’s tenure, he got a caution, fine and community service which remained unserved and unpaid, the rumour then was the banking cartel threatened to ruin the UK’s economy if Major didn’t act.

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