Why Has There Been No Revolution?

revolutionFreedom Outpost – by William Lafferty

When the central government in the United States rams through a 2700 page bill that was not read by any person who voted for it and whose impossible promises of more-for-less are now being revealed as a fraud; when the government, without apparent concern, rapidly inflates the national debt to 16 trillion that it will admit to (actually it’s 83 trillion); when the federal government sues the state of Arizona to stop it from guarding the borders and enforcing federal laws concerning illegal aliens; and when the government announces that it wishes to ban all weapons that would allow citizens to resist government overreaching, how far distant is revolution?  

This question must have run through the minds of anyone who has read the newspapers for the last four or five years. In today’s Wall Street Journal in the “Notable & Quotable” column, historian Paul Rahe, citing Tocqueville, writes:

“One key indicator [of readiness for revolution] is that those with access to the levers of power within the ruling order cease to believe in the religion or ideology that legitimizes the regime. . . . First goes the belief in the legitimacy of the system. Then comes a trigger–an event which causes large numbers of people to say to themselves, ‘I cannot take this anymore.’ Then, the crucial question is whether those in charge have the nerve to try to crush the rebellion and whether their underlings will follow orders. If the powers that be are hesitant, ambivalent, or divided, if their underlings are fed up, things can very easily come apart (as they did in eastern Europe, in the Soviet union, and in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria).”

The most striking thing to me about Barack Obama is that he does not and he has never believed in the ideology that has formed this country and that legitimizes his own government. He meets the first requirement in Tocqueville’s analysis. He comes from some other culture, some other way of thinking, as is illustrated by the political identities of those who raised him and his friends like Bill Ayres.

And it is because he does not believe in this country, its origins, its traditions or its ideology that he is willing to destroy it.

Why then has there been no revolution?

I suggest there has been no revolution because Obama and his lieutenants have been able to disguise his lack of belief in the legitimacy of the system as patriotism. It’s as if he were able to say, “Let’s destroy the health care system, let’s bankrupt the economy, let’s compromise the security of our borders, and let’s confiscate guns. It’s the American way.”

If the body politic ever identifies Obama’s actions as coming from a person who does not believe in the ideology that formed the country, then all bets are off. All bets are off, that is, unless the realization of who Obama is doesn’t come until the body politic is inside the wire fence of an internment camp.

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7 thoughts on “Why Has There Been No Revolution?

  1. My question is; according to Obama’ own bio. he was born in Kenya. How come congress hasn’t initiated impeachment hearings?. Or was that a smear campaign?. Someone smarter than I ought to find out what the truth really is regarding where he was born. This country is starting to resemble a young marxist government then the America I knew as a kid. And once the second amendment is removed, we’ll be more than well on our way. God help us all.

  2. One reason there’s been no revolution is that all places where people congregate have been subverted (churches, unions) or placed under heavy surveillance (bars).

    Most past revolutions have started in bars, and that may be why the drunk driving hysteria was created, but a revolution usually requires an angry mob to get things rolling, and they’re joined by others afterwards.

    The U.S. population have been subjected to decades of divide-and-conquer propaganda, and the result of this is that people don’t congregate to discuss politics as they once did. Part of the propaganda message has been “don’t talk about politics or religion”, so the discussion of these things has become taboo in some places, but we’re going to have to break that political correctness barrier, and remind Americans that they have a civic duty to discuss politics.

  3. “Why Has There Been No Revolution?”

    My answer is that everyone is afraid of helping or trusting one another. I don’t think it is a matter of sheepleness. I think there are more than enough people to do something, but no one wants to get together to form a militia group of some sort to protect each other from corruption and mafias or corrupt cops like Round Rock police who get out of hand. If 10 people had gotten out of their homes, all with recorders and recorded my incident, I wouldn’t have gotten arrested and they couldn’t have done anything to me. But because everyone just hid in their houses, the police are able to get away with everything. There are strength in numbers and we are the manner and they are the few and as soon as people start to realize that, the quicker we can get this shit started.

    As Henry always says, “we are 40 million strong, as gunowners alone, against a few thousands assholes thinking that they can play god. It’s not rocket science.

  4. I think as good citizens we all are a bit taken aback at the thoughts of initiating violence. Nobody really wants to “START” it…..regardless of what we say.

    Each of us certainly holds to the idea ever so remotely that others will go for it first, or, the situation changes, because in our heart of hearts we cannot believe this is America today.
    Its a just human nature to try and avoid violence……

    Also most of us recognize that we are too divided by time and distance to make an effective stand. A shame it would be for one state or group to stand and no others back it up due to circumstances of whatever……Remember Waco? or the Texas Freemen?

    We recently did a poll with our groups members as to what would be the final straw…the red line……and you’d be surprised what Patriots and even Militia members consider as their “OWN” red line.
    Its going to have to be a “BIGGIE” to kick it off I do believe…

    Frog in a Pot…….

  5. Yup, the red line isn’t ankle deep, it is about neck high.

    The current sit is a bit more daunting than a few minutemen facing a line of redcoats run by an insane fat tyrant. Considering the power of “da man” – contemplating defeating a high-tech sociopathic nation-eating Kraken on a bad hair day with a toothpick requires a bit more provocation than a few words of Common Sense. And toothpicks with sharp points will soon be outlawed. Plus, the local villagers suffering from stockholm syndrome are not going to help either, they will pick the village idiot for town major whenever they are told to do so.

    We are way past revolution, we can only hope the Kraken dies an early death from heat stroke chasing butterflies that sting like a bee.

  6. Why no revolution yet? Because a vast number of Americans still cling to the idea ” of those that be without sin cast the first stone” yet we all see the the coming peril of the headlight of the train upon the track on which we stand. Our choices are to move out of the way, blow up the tracks or move and let the train continue to it’s destination and unload the passengers at the nearest FEMA camp.

    We are each responsible for what we do as well as what we do not do. To stand idly by while tyranny sets upon us without resistance is a cowardly and foolish game. If you stand on the tracks the train will surly crush you.

    If you initiate the violence. You have lost by public opinion of the state controlled pressitutes that believe the State controls the monopoly on violence. It is very clear that the enemies of liberty and freedom have chosen to wage war against the American people. This called mixed war. When the SHTF and it does go hot it is called civil war. They have bought billions of rounds of ammunition, 2700 plus armored vehicles,with our money to use these weapons against us, missing hemorrhagic fever toxin, Patriot act, NADA, looming, economic, collapses, inflation devaluation of OUR money, reduction in food supplies increase in fuel cost. Repossessions of homes and homeless on the streets. Families living in cars. Dumpster diving for food. All the high paying jobs have been sent abroad. The reason we have had no revolution yet is because the enemy has remained hidden behind a false mask of patriotism. They are the legislatures, the state legislators, the city councils, the county Sheriff, the local Police Chief ,they all work for the government in some form or fashion. and feel they are protected. Wrong. They are collaborators and traitors and shall receive just punishment for their treasonous acts.

    And because we are not yet wise and aware enough to carry on such a conflict with what appears to be overwhelming enemy. Those that have the unmitigated audacity to call themselves our fellow countrymen. Nonsense.

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