‘Post 9/11 US veterans don’t have the illusion of righteousness about the wars they fought’


This generation of US veterans is facing the invalidity of the wars they fought, having been treated like puppets of the government in the execution of the unjust military action, Iraq war combat veteran Adam Kokesh told RT.

A new study has found that American soldiers who were part of the ‘War on Terror’ are struggling to make ends meet. They are facing greater hardship than veterans of previous generations.  

“Post 9/11 veterans have become the first and only generation of veterans to struggle with housing affordability compared to civilians of like ages and demographics,” according to the study.

There are a number of things veterans have to deal with, according to Adam Kokesh. In his opinion, this generation of veterans is “dealing with a particularly unique combination of mental health issues that come out of the unique nature of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

There is also “a cascade of related challenges,” Kokesh explained. There is a general perception among the population “when you have over 20 suicides a day, that veterans don’t make particularly good employees.” He thinks this is also one of the fundamental challenges that veterans face coming home today.

Apart from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), combat, and the way the Department of Veterans Affairs in the US handles issues, “the big part of what my generation of veterans is facing in the US today is in regards to the invalidity of the wars themselves and being treated like puppets of the government in the execution of the unjust military action,” Kokesh said.

He argued that in previous wars “the lies were a lot better and there was more effect because the lies were harder to see through; so, veterans could come home and wrap themselves in the illusion of the justice and righteousness of the war that they fought.”

However, that is not possible anymore, Kokesh believes, “not in the age of the internet, not with these wars, not with any kind of sense of integrity.”

“A lot of veterans coming home are starting to understand that these wars were fundamentally illegitimate, that the sacrifices that we’ve made were not made just in vain, but not even in a righteous cause, but for the perpetuation of the current system of governance of states we live under throughout the world where people in charge get to treat people who aren’t [in charge] like property,” he claimed.

Kokesh suggested that the perception of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has changed over time in the US, as the people “can admit now that we were lied to… and taken advantage of as a people… being convinced to support these invasions and occupations.”

In his view, most Americans “don’t really consider that we are still at war… but most at this point can recognize that these are things we want to see come to an end.”

“The government knows that it can only get away with so much these days without losing more credibility before the people realize that turning to elections is a waste of time, that you can’t hold a fundamentally corrupt system accountable for its corruption because it doesn’t have the mechanisms to hold people accountable.”

“No matter how unpopular a particular policy is, the government can get away with it and individuals profiteering of a government policy can profit of corrupting government away from the will of the people…” Kokesh concluded.


7 thoughts on “‘Post 9/11 US veterans don’t have the illusion of righteousness about the wars they fought’

    1. You people, huh?
      Tell you what, you ignorant cur, there are veterans in my own family but they did not serve the Republic for the united States of the Americas. They did not fight for my freedom and liberty. They fought for the illegal treacherous United States Corporation in league with the United Nations one world corporation. They committed atrocities on other peoples around the world for the Zion Empire. Most, when they raised their hand, didn’t have a f-king clue as to what they were taking an oath to. They were never defenders of freedom and liberty, but rather subjects fighting for the crown to subjugate and murder innocent men, women, and children around the world.
      Those that admit this, I see as victims with arms and legs, faces and minds destroyed for lies. And the rest of you sure as f-k aren’t heroes, as you have aided in the attack on my Bill of Rights.
      I think I’ve already thrown you off this site before and here you go again.

    2. My girlfriend’s grandpa (she’s quite young) was a SEAL. I was a civilian contractor to the BUDs. He and I – and the others I still have contact with – as well as vets’ I chat with, KNOW THEY MURDERED PEOPLE WHO HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH 9/11.

      And THAT is why their suicide rate is so high; Dealing with the fact they were lied to and used as a tool for global expansion and ‘Greater Israel’…….


      Henry’s last line is right, and I have a meme that shows Marines, coordinating an attack from behind a berm, an under-siege, on fire White House, and the line says;


  1. Lumpy can suck my….[fill in the blank]

    My dad retired 20 years . Army..

    My Uncle … lifer… Air Force. ..black ops .. skunk works area 51.

    I grew up underneath the flight line….McCord Air force base 20 + years. ..

    So don’t fkng tell me about being non patriotic. ..

    Fk you. .

    Punk azz bitches.

    Questioning my fkng patriotism.

    If i could meet this azzhole. . .

    I’d grab him by the pussy….

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    1. Right On!


      USMC deep in my family ..maybe this dung pile needs to sit down and really talk to a Vet that knew the score

      as all of my serving family would say ,,..> Henry is Right On Target!

  2. I think Lumpy likes to hear himself talk. “YOU PEOPLE” Lumpy? Ignorant toilet bug,MTFKR… I bet this piece of shit has a picture of Bush JR in full camo on a carrier flight deck wetting his pants.

  3. Why WOULD anyone support them? Give me just ONE example of them freeing the s#!t out of US. Just ONE.

    Probably a copsucker, too.

    My dad was a cia spook and I KNOW from his rhetoric he gobbled it’s-not-real knob because that’s who ALL these mic strong arm goons work for.

    You can NOT be against zog and support their henchmen in the same breath. No man can serve two masters and those two are completely incompatible.

    God I can’t stand these two-bit zionist cloaked commie knob-gobblers.

    But yeah, G-D right Henry put it right where it’s at!!!

    If there’s any closet mic goon worshipers out there, the question is still open for you to answer.

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