Postmaster General set to announce 10-year plan including longer mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours


Washington (CNN)Longer first-class mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours across the country are among some of the changes embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is expected to announce Tuesday as part of a 10-year plan for the agency, according to a source who was briefed on these elements of the plan.

The massive plan also seeks to make the Postal Service more competitive and more modern — including a new energy-friendly fleet of delivery vehicles and ideas for new services the agency can offer to both customers and small businesses, the source said.

USPS said in a release that the plan “will include financial projections for the coming decade, strategies for service performance improvement and investments in the future of the organization.”

Postal Service employees and unions have been bracing for the release of this plan after changes DeJoy made to the agency over the summer slowed mail delivery, angering Democratic lawmakers who linked DeJoy, a major donor to former President Donald Trump, to the then-President’s anti-mail-in voting rhetoric. The party accused him of attempting to sabotage the Postal Service just as now-President Joe Biden was relying on mailed ballots to deliver him the White House.

In congressional hearings, DeJoy has sparred with Democratic lawmakers over the slow delivery rates, the 2020 election and his forthcoming 10-year plan. Some lawmakers have called for his ousting, and last month, Biden nominated three people to the agency’s Board of Governors, a move some lawmakers hope could eventually lead to DeJoy’s ouster.

DeJoy apologized in February for slow mail during the peak holiday season, telling the Democratic-controlled House Oversight and Reform Committee that it was “unacceptable.”

8 thoughts on “Postmaster General set to announce 10-year plan including longer mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours

  1. One more stab at our communication capability, and likely a shove towards digital so as to make it easier to spy on us. Damn them!! Money for everything, except for what makes the peoples’ lives easier.


  2. Another way to force us old timers who would rather not have their billing accounts hacked by hackers (govt. or not) to pay bills online…. Sorry, but we’re still paying bills by mail. Too freakin’ bad. (And it’s not like the mailbox is right next door either. Before the Republic of Texas standoff out here, USPS moved the boxes to the highway to “protect” the mail carrier…. Cute excuse, eh?)

  3. Hey, they gotta have a way to pay for all those real estate investments, as well as those a$$ult weapons and ammo they supposedly didn’t buy

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