Powerful blast hits Damascus, at least 3 dead – state TV

RT News

A powerful explosion has hit Ruken al-Deen neighborhood in Damascus, causing an unknown number of casualties, local state TV reports. At least three people are said to have been killed in the latest blast to strike the Syrian capital.

Residents have confirmed a large explosion shook the area.  

Initial reports said the blast was caused by a car bomb and that experts are dismantling other explosives in the area.



2 thoughts on “Powerful blast hits Damascus, at least 3 dead – state TV

  1. These are semitic looking Israelis who have been living in Damascus for many months and rent a small warehouse. They spend a lot of their time travelling around getting to know everywhere – like taxi drivers do, for the best locations to leave a bomb car. Other Israelis drive from Jordan with the explosives and the necessary electronics. The car for the bomb is stolen locally, from the other side of Damascus.

  2. The hand of Israel once again into the mix to stir the ingredients for the pot of lies and deception that will allow Obama and Company to do what they wanted the Fake Syrian Army Terrorists to do but have failed at. Invasion or no fly zone coming soon, but Russian is on the region now and it will not be like shooting fish in a barrel this time out for the western military.

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