Radioactive Leak Found At Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant (Photo from It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Investigators have discovered a half-inch long crack around a nozzle on one of the tanks of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, and have attributed the crack to the water leakage that spilled radioactive water into Lake Michigan on May 5.

The plant, which is located on the shore of the great lake and operated by Entergy, was shut down after the water tank exceeded its site threshold and leaked. Authorities say the crack led to about 79 gallons of “slightly radioactive water” spilling from the Palisades plant into the lake, WOOD-TV reports.  

The leak came from a 300,000-gallon injection and refueling tank, which floods and cools the nuclear reactor with borated water during refueling outages. It also removes heat from the reactor when there is a loss of coolant by sourcing the safety injection system.

Its stupid how humans are willing to ruin everything for nuclear energy.  There is plenty of free non life threatening energy out there people.  You dont need to glow and waste away to get energy.  Fukushima stupid.  -Mort

2 thoughts on “Radioactive Leak Found At Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

  1. They say 79 gal.s of slightly radioactive water spilled from that plant. LOL, you can bet that it is at least 10 times that amount. And also, what is slightly radioactive? Either it is radioactive or it isn`t right?

  2. So does this mean that the water they’re selling to China from the Great Lakes is now radioactive?

    If so, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    Other than Israhell, that is.

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